The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 1

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The Decline Of Western Civilization Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Decline of Western Civilization Part II is one of my favorite movies of all time, but Part 1 is pretty damn good too. Unlike Part II, which is full of unintentional hilarity, Part 1 is a semi-serious look at some seriously damaged individuals and their seriously great bands (um…and The Germs).  The early footage of X and Black Flag is mesmerizing, while the live train wreck that is the Fear show never ceases to amaze. Just like Part II (and the rarely seen Part III), it’s not on DVD, and I don’t believe the “official” website’s claim that anyone is working on those discs at this point. I have a bootleg. You can watch it on YouTube, and you can find it on a bay where pirates hang out. Get it that way. If they can’t be bothered to put the fucking thing out by now then that’s their problem.

Just like the movie itself, the soundtrack to Decline Of Western Civilization is woefully out of print. The copy I’m offering above is from a less-than-stellar vinyl copy I bought last month. It’s a little scratchy in parts, but it kind of adds to the dirt-punk charm of it all. The X songs sound great at least.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the complete tracklisting included in the zip file above:

Black Flag
White Minority

The Germs

Catholic Discipline
Underground Babylon

Beyond And Back
Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
We’re Desperate

Circle Jerks
Red Tape
Back Against The Wall
I Just Want Some Skank
Bevery Hills

Alice Bag Band

I Don’t Care About You
I Love Living In The City
Fear Anthem

I separated some of the speaking parts into separate tracks. Basically if it doesn’t have anything to do with the song that’s playing before it I made it a separate track. Otherwise it’s just like the original version.

Oh, and I put up highlights to Part II a while ago, get them too.

6 Responses to “The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 1”

  1. Sean says:

    Thanks. Love the soundtrack but the movie was even better. Saw it when it originally came out and the L.A. scene seemed to shock a lot of people then, even those who were already into punk rock. Pogoing was one thing, but slam dancing, WTF?? Never saw Part 2 but not into hair metal so probably not missing anything.

  2. Lost Turntable says:

    YOU ARE MISSING EVERYTHING. It is the best movie ever made.

  3. Sean says:

    OK, I was going to take your word and put Pt. 2 in my Netflix queue but they don’t have it anymore. They do have a “Save” option now for Pt. 1 (and both sequels), which they didn’t use to have. That’s usually an encouraging sign for a re-release.

  4. Jenny says:


  5. Kate Dircksen says:

    Are you aware of which snake will be the longest?

  6. Lost Turntable says:


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