Skunk & Skin

The last of the Skunk Anansie posts, and it’s a big one.

If anyone has a real, legitimate live version of “Selling Jesus” I would be eternally grateful if they shared it with me.

Skunk Anansie
Hedonism (Allegedly Acoustic Mix)
Twisted (Everyday Hurts) (Cake mix)
Pickin On Me (Pick ‘n Mix)
She’s My Heroine (Polyester and Cotton Mix)
Milk is My Sugar (Cement Mix)
Yes It’s Fucking Political (Comix)
Weak (Ackee & Saltfish Mix)
Charity (Clit Pop Mix)
100 Ways To Be A Good Girl (Anti Matter Mix)
Rise Up (Bonhamoon Mix)
You’ll Follow Me Down (Rollo & Sister Bliss [From Faithless] Mix)
You’ll Follow Me Down (Golden Ashes Mix)
Secretly (Optical Vocal Mix)

I always find it odd when rock bands allow their decidedly non-dance friendly tracks to be remixed.  Its an especially odd move for Skunk Anansie, since all their tracks are either emotional ballads about how much love is a motherfucker or aggressive metal about political injustice and racism. I would hate to be Rollo and Sister Bliss when they were handed “You’ll Follow Me Down,” a song about loving a junkie, with the intention of it getting remixed for the clubs. Still, they did a pretty good job.

I would like to know who came up with the idea of a “Clit Pop Mix.” I don’t know if I love or hate that name.

Anyways, these are all from a multitude of CD singles. Thanks to everyone who indulged me in these posts. The next one will have some 80s shit I promise.

Getting Away With It
From what I can tell Skin’s solo career didn’t exactly take off. That was to be expected in America, but her lack of runaway success in England is kind of a bummer. Both of her solo albums are alright, but are very ballad heavy. Maybe there isn’t a market for a black bald chick singing romantic ballads? It is interesting that she’s is apparently a celebrity of some sorts in non-English speaking Europe, especially in Italy where she had a hit single (“Tear Down These Houses”) on a soundtrack to a hit movie (Parlami d’Amore). Of course, neither are available in America.

Also unavailable in America is Skin’s first solo album, Flesh Wounds; which is a shame because it’s quite good. This beautiful cover of Electronic’s “Getting Away From It” is from that album.

6 Responses to “Skunk & Skin”

  1. Con Control says:

    I once heard a brilliant stripped back ‘unplugged’ version of Charity…it might possibly even have been on Top Of The Pops. I don’t know if it was ever officially released. A post of that would be godhead!

  2. Snowy says:

    Hey…now I know what a Clit Pop Mix is!!!!!!!

  3. someangrychick says:

    “there isn’t a market for a black bald chick singing romantic ballads?”
    LOL!I guess that’s true.If you look at Skin’s videos on YouTube there’s a lot of “I’m scared of her”! comments.I find her fascinating,though.

  4. Percy Nailz says:

    Hehe, personally I love it when dance producers take on the seemingly impossible and turn it into something which it really shouldn’t be. Take a track I absolutely caned for about a year, the Seamus Haji remix of One EskimO’s “Hometime”. How on earth did a gentle, swinging melody like that get turned into an electro-house stomper? (that “Man with the Red Face”-esque breakdown in the middle of it still gets me)


  5. c@meron says:

    never realized Flesh Wounds had an Electronic cover-bought it @ Virgin Megastore (tells ya how long ago) on clearance…very “pretty” but always got bored with it by a couple songs…have a feeling the cover will finally make it worthy!

  6. Lost Turntable says:

    Not all versions of Flesh Wounds have that cover on it. They re-released it.

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