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Selections from Dogs In Space
No relation to Pigs In Space. Yeah I know, I was bummed too.

Dogs In Space is a 1986 Australian film that I know very little about, what little I know I gleamed from this review. So just read that so I can save myself the time of summarizing the film. It was directed by a dude named Richard Lowenstein, and he was apparently a close friend of Michael Hutchence, as he directed a few INXS videos and cast Hutchence in this film as the lead. This movie is one of three that Michael starred in, the other two being Roger Corman’s 1990 version of Frankenstein and a 1999 flick with the charming title Limp. He’s probably the only cast member who is at all recognizable to American audiences, nearly everyone else in the movie either went on to nothing or Aussie TV.

After reading a bit about the flick I really want to see it, as it’s directly related to two of my biggest interests, new wave music and Australian cinema (watch Not Quite Hollywood by the way, amazing documentary about Ozploitation). It’s not available in the states at the moment, but region-free DVD players are a wonderful thing, so hopefully I’ll get a copy soon.

Dogs In Space has a weird-ass soundtrack, comprised mostly of Australian artists. Tracks by Iggy Pop, Brian Eno and Gang Of Four are also included for some reason, but none of those songs are rare, so I’m not including them here. But for the rest…

Ollie Olson – Win/Lose
Good song, not great, but a solid new wave effort. Continuing the six degrees to Hutchence theme, Olson formed a band with the INXS frontman in 1989 called Max Q, but they only had one release and never really caught on outside of Australia.

The Marching Girls – True Love
Someone likes Phil Spector. Apparently these guys were originally called The Scavengers, and were New Zealand’s answer/rip-off to The Sex Pistols. They broke up and one of them went on to form Dead Can Dance. Wow. That’s…random.

Boys Next Door – Shivers
This song is pretty fucking awesome – which makes sense since Boys Next Door is an early incarnation of The Birthday Party, which was Nick Cave’s first band. This album is on the sole album they released under the Boys Next Door name, but it’s not in print in the states at the moment, so I’m going to let it slide. Besides, “My baby’s so vain that she’s almost a mirror” is the best fucking lyric ever.

Primitive Calculators – Pumping Ugly Muscle
Horrible song title, worse band name, shit song. Random yelling and grunting for five fucking minutes. Enjoy. Someone gave them a hell of a wiki though, so maybe their other stuff is better. This track is just freaking annoying.

Thrush & The Cunts – Diseases
Classy band name. Alright song.

Marie Hoy & Friends – Shivers
This is a cover of the Boys Next Door song that is also on the album. I guess it must play a big part in the movie. Still, it’s a great song and this version is just as good as the original.

Michael Hutchence
Dogs In Space
Golf Course
The Green Dragon
Rooms For The Memory
Now for the main course. Hutchence contributes four tracks to the soundtrack, none of which sound anything like each other, or INXS for that matter. “Dogs In Space” is fast-paced punk rocker that kicks ass, “Golf Course” is a dancey new wave track (which also kicks ass) and “Rooms For The Memory” is a ballad that features Hutchence trying his damnedest to sound like David Bowie and almost succeeding (and kicking ass).

“The Green Dragon” isn’t a song at all, but a bit of dialogue from the film. However, all of these (even the dialogue part) are really freaking good, as if you needed more evidence that the dude was a one-of-a-kind talent that left us far too fucking soon. Sidenote: buy Elegantly Wasted, INXS’ last album with Hutchence. It’s stellar and the title track is absolutely bitchin’.

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  1. JC says:

    The Marching Girls,classic Kiwi Power Pop,shed loads more here: Also on the mighty AK79,keep up the groovymotherfucker good work,it's snowing SPF30 down here in Godzone mate!

  2. Richard says:

    A most excellent post – great uploads too! I too, am yet to see Dogs In Space

  3. sfenn says:

    One of my favourite movies (and soundtracks!) of its time. Get your hands on it ASAP. It's one of those films that my friends and I still quote dialogue from. And I get a kick out of hearing what Brendan Perry sounded like before Dead Can Dance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Read this shit? Fuck you! Less words more crap! Yeah!

  5. Anonymous says:

    There was 2 Max Q releases(an ex was a big INXS fan!). I think the other was 'Way Of The World'. As far as i know Max Q was just Paul Oakenfold & Michael Hutchence. There's 2 mixes of Sometimes i've heard one is Land Of Oz Mix(Land Of Oz being early House club Paul Oakenfold DJed at),& another is Paul Oakenfold Mix-strange but true. One is slightly better but can't remember(it was 1989!). Eclectro,south coast,England.

  6. SteveA says:

    I remember the buzz about this movie but could not get my hnds ona copy anywhere – and I don't think it showed in the US. But the soundtrack – is even rarer! Thanks for this!

  7. Jeremy says:

    I actually saw this when it was released theatrically. It's not that great a film, although, I agree, the soundtrack is quite good.

  8. echo0918 says:

    Awesome movie and soundtrack. Had the soundtrack when it was released on cassette tape. Then, lent it to a skaterboy whose mother threw it out thinking it was satanic music. Sniff. I went out of my way to track down copies of both.

    As for Max Q, not with Paul Oakenfold but Ollie Olsen whom Hutchence met through this film.

  9. slabhed says:

    Top, top post that man.

    Good movie, great music 🙂

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