Snow and Tape Delayed

Hey look, it’s music from a weird soundtrack! Awesome, right?

Married To The Mob Motion Picture Soundtrack
Married To The Mob was a 1988 film directed by Johnathan Demme, who is probably best known for his 1991 film The Silence of The Lambs. Dude has good musical pedigree though, he directed the Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense in 1984 and the video New Order’s “The Perfect Kiss”. He also directed Caged Heat, the seminal women in prison film! That’s right, the dude who gave us Philadelphia and Beloved also gave us Caged Heat. God bless you Roger Corman.

This is not the complete soundtrack. I am excluding “Jump In The River” by Sinead O’Connor and “Too Far Gone” by The Feelies as both those tracks are easily available on albums released by both artists. A version of “Bizarre Love Triangle” is also on the soundtrack, but I’m 90 percent sure it’s the 7” version, which if you really want you can get on iTunes (although I don’t see the point, the 12” version is so much better).

Chris Isaak – Suspicion of Love
As far as Chris Isaak songs go this is a pretty good track. I am not a very big fan of the dude.

Debbie Harry – Liar, Liar
The Castaways, a 60s garage rock band, did this song originally, but Debbie Harry’s version kicks ass. It’s very punk, and sounds like she’s channeling the The Ramones with it’s blitzing energy. It blows the original out of the water, although this…spirited performance…by them is pretty impressive.

Ziggy Marley and The Wailers – Time Bums
I’m not a fan of reggae so I will say nothing about this one. Not bad but not my thing.

Tom Tom Club – Devil Does Your Dog Bite?
Ah, Tom Tom Club, are you capable of creating a song that I just like? Either you craft pop masterpieces like Wordy Rappinghood or Genius of Love or songs that grate on my very last nerve like “Man With The Four Way Hips” or this.

Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
Ah yes, Goodbye Horses, one of the most memorable, and rarest tracks of the 80s. I’ve posted this track before, but never this version, which is the shortest available I believe. So if you want your “tuck” mental pictures in and out as quick as possible this is the take for you.

The Voodooist Corporation – Queen of Voudou
Okay, a few questions on this one. Firstly, what language are these guys singing in? Secondly, who are these guys? I can find NOTHING on this group and as far as I can tell this was their only release ever. It’s not a bad song, really rhythm heavy. I have no idea why they decided to spell voodoo “voudou” so any tips on that would help as well. So many questions…

Brian Eno – You Don’t Miss Your Water
And the album closes with another cover, this one was originally a Stax track by William Bell. I’m not familiar with the original version aside from just looking it up on YouTube 10 minutes ago, but I enjoy this version as well, synthpop meets classic soul. Synth-soul. Hey, someone should jump on that shit.

6 Responses to “Snow and Tape Delayed”

  1. badmanners says:

    1988 film, sorry to correct ya….

  2. this alien says:

    debbie harry is brilliant. she should have released many singles with the ramones…they seem made for each other.

  3. Randy Collins says:

    LOVE THIS SOUNDTRACK!!! and my cassette tape is played out, so thanks mr. lost turntable guy.

  4. Tom in Portsmouth, NH says:

    The Debbie Harry track rocks. When it was first released, I remember reading that Arthur Baker had done a remix. Being a huge fan, I looked everywhere for it. Never did find it. I wonder if there are a few copies floating around out there someplace?

  5. Blomeister says:

    This soundtrack arrived yesterday in mint condition (LP). Really enjoying it – I bought it for Goodbye Horses as I know the 12″ is really rare, but I really like the Voodoist Corporation track as well. They did do some other stuff as the Voodoists, an EP called Jungle and the Zoo, although I’ve not heard it.

  6. stuart argabright says:

    Hey there = The Voodooists – that was us ( SA / William Barg / Steve Breck ), our cyber voudou project.
    We got Demme a demo tape and he called bk.
    Voodooists 12″ on Warlock Records 1992,
    “Video Voudou” Laser Disc ASK/Kodansha/ Toshiba / EMI 1992.
    Never played live.
    Real Haitian voudou- that’s how they spell it -by 5th generation Voudun Priest & his mambos.

    Stuart Argabright NYC

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