Snow everywhere!

I’m drunk!

What? It beats shoveling. Don’t judge me. Besides, I’m not having a good day. Two of my fishies died. I am drinking vodka in their memory. It’s like tapping a 50 but worse for you.

Brian May
Star Fleet
Let Me Out
Blues Breaker

Yes, this is what I do when I am inebriated and mildly depressed, I record, and share, sub-par out-of-print albums by acclaimed guitarists of 70s rock bands. You probably go bars and get laid don’t you? Pfft. Puny humans. I am above such petty things as late-night bar hookups. This album is actually credited to “Brian May and friends.” Who are the friends you ask? Well, the drummer is the drummer is Alan Gratzer of REO Speedwagon, the bassist is Steve Chen, who did session work and the second guitarist is a Eddie Van Halen. Yeah, that’s right. Eddie Van Halen did an album with Brian May. An album that has a title track about a Japanese TV show.

This record is pretty stupid and not altogether very good. Although if you like blues jamming (Hi mom!) then you’ll probably like the second two tracks, and if you like 80s retardation then you’ll probably like the first one. You know what? Now that I’ve had half a bottle of vodka I have to revise my original opinion. This album is sexcellent. That’s right, I said sexcellent. It was a typo at first, but I’m sticking with that spelling.

I have nothing else to say about this album. Actually, I probably do, but typing is getting increasingly more difficult by the minute. Vodka is my friend but he doesn’t want me to type anymore. My fingers are all goofy feeling.


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  1. SteveA says:

    I used to look at that puppet show called Starfleet and knew the words by heart – I remember thinking how did Brian may get involved in doing the music for this obscure piece of a tlevision show – Zelda was a scrawny puppet on this show.

    Overall – the song was mediocre but it was almost perfect for that show!

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