I Got The Power! But I can’t find the right adapter.

Okay, this week I actually am busy because of work. Tons of stuff to review, very little time. I also had to interview a musician who was…less than an ideal interview, which created some backlog in my other work.

Good news though! Well, maybe. I might by interviewing Don Letts for ESDmusic. Now, for those of you not in the know, Don Letts was a member of Big Audio Dynamite in the early days, and played on tracks like E=MC2 and “The Bottom Line.” He was also associated with The Clash throughout their career, and directed nearly all of their music videos, the documentary Westway to the World and the early punk rock concert film The Punk Rock Movie. So if anyone has any questions they think I should as Don Letts please tell me in the comments section.

Another brief post this week, I promise to make up for it next time.

Run D.M.C.
It’s Tricky 2003 (Master Mix feat. Jacknife Lee)
It’s Tricky 2003 (JKL Club Mix feat. Jacknife Lee)
Peter Piper 2003 (Riton Remix feat. Riton)

In addition to my interview I got another assignment for y’all. These are from a bootleg white label. I have no idea who did these remixes or what they are called. If anyone can inform me of their name/origin (with some sort of proof to back it up) I would be grateful and hook a brother up. Mystery solved! Thanks for the help everyone!

Snap vs. Motivo
The Power (Of Bhangra) (Extended Bhangra Mix)
The Power (Of Bhangra) (Club Mix)

Yup, it’s an Indian dance remix of The Power. It’s eight times as stupid as it sounds.

3 Responses to “I Got The Power! But I can’t find the right adapter.”

  1. John Fink says:

    The bhangra thing stupid? It's awesome! Awesome and stupid! Stupidly awesome!

  2. rpchurch says:

    Ask Letts what it was like to go to Jamaica, for the first time, with Johnny Rotten and Richard Branson.

    Also, the inevitable question, does he think B.A.D. will ever work together again.

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