I Blog About New Order and New Order-Related Products (Reposts Day 2)

My unhealthy and completely out-of-character generosity continues with even more requests, tonight it’s all New Order (and related stuff).

Not every New Order song that was requested is getting reposted. Since I first posted many of these tracks New Order has re-released their Factory albums, complete with bonus tracks, and these bonus tracks are mostly the remixes and B-side I put up way before those were even announced. The deluxe editions didn’t include all the remixes though (fucking amateurs) so there’s still a lot of rarities and vinyl-exclusives that I will happily repost here tonight, as well as some added goodies I never got around to posting before.

New Order
Once again, the old stuff first:
I Don’t Care (Bizarre Dub Triangle)
Fine Time (7 Inch Edit)
Fine Time (Messed Around Mix)
Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix Dub)
Jetstream (Richard X Remix)
Jetstream (Arthur Baker Remix)
Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix)
Jetstream (Pete Heller Remix Phela Dub)
Round & Round (Club Mix)
Round & Round (12” Remix)
Everything’s Gone Green (Cicada Remix)

And now the new shit:
The Kiss Of Death
Perfect Pit
World In Motion (No Alla Violenza Mix)
World In Motion (Subbuteo Mix)
World In Motion (Subbuteo Dub)
Confused Beats
Confusion (Rough Mix)
Confused Beats is just the beats to “Confusion” and “The Kiss Of Death” is the dub mix to “The Perfect Kiss” your guess is as good as mine as to what the fuck “Perfect Pit” is, however.

But wait, there’s more!

The Other Two
Tasty Fish (Pascal Mix 12”)
Tasty Fish (O.T. Mix)
The Other Two was a New Order side project, consisting of Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris. These two remixes are also requests and have been posted before.

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8 Responses to “I Blog About New Order and New Order-Related Products (Reposts Day 2)”

  1. Ian says:

    Awesome as always, but I’m confused by your reference to “Confused Beats”: where is it?

  2. Richard43 says:

    Perfect Kiss = Perfect Pit

  3. Confusion remixes are now up, sorry about that.

  4. Ian says:

    Great: thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reposting these. Excellent selection here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just a question, not a complain.

    About some parts on “Bizarre Dub Triangle” and the whole “Perfect Pit” track, the music is muffled.
    Is it as the original tracks ?

    By the way, thanks for your post

  7. Bizarre Love Dub is a weird song and goes in and out like that, a lot of New Order dubs do. Perfect Pit is a little quiet naturally, and I try to make my vinyl rips quieter in general (as to avoid poor compression and cut off peaks) so the combination isn’t great.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Perfect Pit: since the song features frog sounds (kissing a frog to turn it into a prince), the dub section with just frog sounds was called Perfect Pit. Guess you had to be there…

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