I Just Dug It (Reposts Day 3)

Three posts in three days, that has to be some kind of record for me. I hope everyone is enjoying the reposts, if anyone else has requests you have until THIS FRIDAY to ask, then the requst lines are closed. If you already made a request please don’t make another. There’s no way for me to know if you have or not if you post anonymously…or is there?

Actually, no, there isn’t; so please be honest.

The Clash

Do It Now
Sex Mad Roar
Cut The Crap is supposed to suck right? It was the final album by The Clash, and they made it after Joe Strummer sacked Mick Jones. Well, it may suck, but these two b-sides to the single “This Is England” are pretty damn good. “This Is England” is a great song in its own right by the way, and is the only song from the album to grace various greatest hits compilations. Both of these tracks are requested reposts.

Big Audio Dynamite
James Brown (Remix)
Sightsee M.C.! (Radio Cut)
Sightsee M.C.! (East London)
Another One Rides The Bus
See how I transition from The Clash to Big Audio Dynamite, Mick Jones’ third band after The Clash (and London SS)? Goddamn I’m a smooth mother. The remix of “James Brown” is a repost, but the rest of these are all new. “Sightsee M.C.” has a sound effect in it that is incredibly familar, if anyone can name that sample I’d appreciate it. “Another One Rides The Bus” is not a cover of the Weird Al spoof of “Another One Bites The Dust” (that would be weird) but a dub mix of “Sightsee M.C.!” All three are from the 12” single to the song.

Pop Will Eat Itself
Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12” Vocal Mix)
Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12” House Mix)
There Is No Love Between Us Anymore (Specially Extended 12” Mix)
Picnic In The Sky
“…On The Razor’s Edge…”
Kiss That Girl
Smoothness revoked, I have no way to connect B.A.D. to PWEI, aside from both groups’ tendancies to pillage TV, radio and anything else they could get their hands on for wacky audio samples. “Can You Dig It” is a repost, and is also an awesome song. Unfortunately I recorded it a bit (okay a lot) too loud the first time around, so prep your speakers accordingly. I was going to re-record it but I can’t find that 12” right now. Interesting side note: “Can You Dig It?” is the only song ever to namecheck Watchmen writer Alan Moore…as far as I know. The rest of the tracks are new, and taken from the 12” single to “There Is No Love Between Us.” Some of them are also avaiable on the reissued editions of various PWEI albums.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Re Alan Moore,the Shriekback track ‘Nemesis’ has the line ” I wanna live with Halo Jones” an Alan Moore link, but yeah given all the cult fandom about him surprising that more bands haven’t name checked him or his creations.

  2. Dubrobots says:

    You are a diamond! Thanks a million!

    What’s the sound effect you’re talking about in Sightsee MC? I may well know what it is…

  3. Anonymous says:

    A sincere thank you for your fantastic blog, I never go more than a day without checking it out. I would just like to ask for a repost of the mixes of Pop Goes The World by Men Without Hats. If you are able to do that it would be much appriciated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Clash b-sides. I’d heard of them, but this is the first time I’ve actually heard them.

    Could you repost the Kate Bush you’ve posted previously?

    Thanks for the great blog.


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