Filthy Requests (Reposts Day 4)

Four posts in four days. This sudden surge of productivity might just kill me. It’s 2:40 AM as I write this so I’m going to keep it brief tonight.

David Bowie
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Trent Reznor Alternative Mix)
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Rubber Mix)
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Simple Text Mix)
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Filthy Mix)
The Heart’s Filthy Lesson (Good Karma Mix By Tim Simenon)
Hallo Spaceboy (12” Remix)
I posted the first four of these remixes before, but they were taken from a picture disc and the recordings are from the shitty turntable era of The Lost Turntable and are too fast. I’m replacing them with versions that I took from that awesome Bowie Box I picked up last year. I’m also including the “Good Karma Mix” which I didn’t post the first time around. The”Hallo Spaceboy” remix is also from the same CD.

Now for Bonus Bowie:
Little Wonder [Live]
The Hearts Filthy Lesson [Live]
Pallas Athena [Live]
Telling Lies (Paradox Mix By Gerald)
Seven Years In Tibet [Mandarin Version]
These tracks are taken from the promotional EP Earthling In The City, it was a six track EP, and I’m posting five of the tracks here, excluding the radio edit version of “Seven Years In Tibet” because it’s just a shorter version of the original; and that song is kind of shitty. Gerald’s remix of “Telling Lies” improves a lot of the weaknesses of the original however, and the live tracks all sound great. Closing it out is the utterly strange Mandarin version of “Seven Years In Tibet” which is an interesting listen and according to my Chinese roommate Bowie can sing in Mandarin quite well. So he has that going for him, which is nice.

And not a single track from tonight’s post was from vinyl, so no one bitch about the audio quality.

4 Responses to “Filthy Requests (Reposts Day 4)”

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for all the remixes, Roxy and Clash tunes. I was wondering if you had the U2 remixes/ extendedverions from the war album? 2 hearts & new years day

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome. Thanks a bunch.

  3. beketaten says:

    Thank you ever so much. I’d been waiting for these since you first opened up requests.
    You’z a stand-up guy.

  4. magø says:

    I know it’s a week late, but it might be worth a mention that the “Hallo Spaceboy” 12″ Remix was done by the Pet Shop Boys… in fact, if you you listen carefully, you can hear Neil Tennant doing the backing vocals – particularly around the 3:40 mark.

    Just thought I’d mention it…
    Great posts!

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