Holy Shit That’s a lot of Depeche Mode (Reposts Day 1)

If you like Depeche Mode then you’re welcome. If not then just close the browser now and come back in a few days. More than half of these are requests, but I threw in some bonuses as well.

And most surprisingly, it’s all relevant since Depeche Mode has a new album coming out next month! And not surprisingly at all, there’s something about it that pisses me off!

As many of you may figured out, I’m something of a dedicated Depeche Mode fan. My interest in the band is relatively new however, as I didn’t really get into the group until I started collecting vinyl a few years ago. For me Depeche Mode has always been a singles band and a large part of those singles have been the remixes, which I usually like better than the original album versions. Listen to the Electronicat remix of “The Dead Of Night” if you doubt me; that mix is the shit, the original is kind of just shit.

Singles aren’t what they used to be though, especially in America where they pretty much solely exist as imports. So I was at first happy as hell that Depeche Mode was planning on releasing a special version of their new album Sounds of the Universe that included a bonus disc of remixes and b-sides, and an additional bonus disc of demos. I would get the best of both worlds in one bitchin’ package. Sure, it cost a lot (80 bucks) but it came with all kinds of other goodies, including a DVD, two books and nifty packaging. That kind of shit isn’t for everyone for sure, but I dig the bonus features. I’m the douchebag who bought the deluxe version of Aliens on laserdisc back in the 90s for $120 because I wanted to see the deleted scenes.

So what’s the problem? Well, in addition to that deluxe version the group is also releasing the album on iTunes with something called an “iTunes Pass.” This pass, which is 19 bucks, includes the regular edition of the album, as well as exlcusive content that will be rolled out over following months. This exclusive content includes remixes that will not be available anywhere else. So if you’re like me, a die-hard fan who collects the remixes like an 8-year-old Japanese boy collects Pokemon, you’re screwed, you have to not only buy a deluxe $80 version of an album, but you also have to but a $20 digital version just to get a few extra tracks. I know that back in the 80s if you wanted to get all the remixes and b-sides you were going to get some overlap, however the cost was far cheaper. How much did a 12” single cost in 1987? I have no idea but I bet it didn’t cost fans the adjusted-for-inflation price of $100 bucks to get all the versions of “Strangelove.”

When bands do shit like this they are practically forcing their fans to go online and download the tracks illegally. Why shouldn’t they? It’s like when Billy Douchebag Corgan released three (or was it four, I lost count) versions of the last “Smashing Pumpkins” album. They only do this because they are getting extra money from each distributor they provide an “exclusive” version to and beacuse they know some stupid sick moron will actually go out and buy every version they can because they are fucking fans. They are purposely milking their most devoted fans for as much money as possible just because they think they can.

Now that is…what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yeah, wrong.

Anyways, first the reposts. I’m going to remind everyone that these are of varying quality, and I’m fairly certain some of these are from my shitty turntable that spun too fast, so I don’t want to hear any bitching. And, everyone download the Electronicat remix, it’s the best thing ever.

Depeche Mode
The Dead Of Night (Electronicat Remix)
Goodnight Lovers (Isan Falling Leaf Mix)
It’s No Good (Bass Bounce Mix)
Lilliam (Robag Wruhme Slomoschen Kikker)
Shake The Disease (Remixed Extended Version)
Nothing (Zip-Hop Mix)
Nothing (Dub)
Strangelove (Highjack Remix)
Strangelove (Maxi-Mix)
Strangelove (Midi-Mix)
Nothing (Live)
World In My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)
World In My Eyes (Dub In My Eyes Mix)
Sea Of Sin (Sensoria Mix)
World In My Eyes (Mode To Joy Mix)

And now the new shit:
Policy Of Truth (Capitol Mix)
Policy Of Truth (Pavlov’s Dub)
Policy Of Truth (Beat Box Mix)
I Feel You (Swamp Mix)
New Life (R.E. Mix)
Kaleid (When Worlds Mix)
Precious (Sasha’s Spooky Mix)
Precious (Sasha’s Gargantuan Vocal Mix)
See You (Extended Version)
In Your Memory (Slik Mix Edit)

I have exactly 35 more Depeche Mode remixes and b-sides I have not yet posted. They will be on this site by the end of the month.

More (non-Depeche Mode) reposts coming soon.

10 Responses to “Holy Shit That’s a lot of Depeche Mode (Reposts Day 1)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No doubt about it, DM is one of the best bands making synthetic music with heart. But most of their remixes are just boring.

  2. setphx says:

    the cost in 1987 for a vinyl single was 3.99 to 4.99 depending on where you shopped. I paid 3.99 for the strangle love remix. Those were the good ole days when inflated prices were not so bogus!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just when I thought I had all 1,286 remixes…there’s more! At least with digital there’s no gatefold 10″ colored vinyl ltd special dj remix.



  4. Jacques aka DJJack says:

    Thanks for your effort….now to start the downloads…

  5. Jacques aka DJJack says:

    On another note, I live in South Africa and we cannot legally get access to iTunes…so I guess we are forced to illegally download these limited tracks,. The band must remember that we also supported them for all those year and just because of our shitty laws we cannot access the iTunes tunes.

    Shitty, well maybe it will be posted on the net 🙁 – I would rather buy it!

  6. Jason says:

    awesome awesome awesome


  7. Anonymous says:

    Big, big fan of your blog – as a long-time DM fan, I always love to read your comments plus download any remixes I don’t already own (thank you so much for the Dub Version of Nothing! Here’s hoping the track makes it on the setlist of the upcoming tour.) – and totally agree with what you’re saying about the whole iTunes rip-off.

    This follows on from the band releasing their back catalogue on iTunes but with the real rare stuff only being available when you buy the whole lot again (don’t think that’s going to happen).

    Look forward to the next lot of remixes…

  8. Matt says:

    A domestic 12″ single cost $5 and an import cost $9 from 1985 to at least 1992. I stopped buying vinyl in 1989 and started getting the singles on cd because of their longevity and quality. The last few vinyl I did buy were DM singles because they had a version of a song not on the cd single. Yup, I was one of those idiots who had to have every version I could find. Depeche Mode always found ways to make fans buy two or three single versions by mixing the track list. That hasn’t changed a bit. When I was a kid in the 80’s, we’d get around it by having different friends buy different versions and we’d record them all on a mix tape. I get around it now with music blogs.

  9. st4lk3r says:

    I recently ripped my 12″ vinyl copy of “It’s Called a Heart” to mp3. It has a great version of Fly on the Windscreen. Let me know if you want / need it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Loved the electroni mix the first time I heard it! Searched like mad for a song that I could only remember the first few seconds after so long. Nothing else like it.

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