Monster Spouses From Synthpop Heaven

Two posts in two days! It’s just like old time (old times being three months ago). I’m dreading an upcoming visit from my father and I’m drowning myself in 80s pop music in order to distract myself, which is a great bonus for all you bastards. Hopefully I’ll have at least one more post this week, but I’ve learned not to promise anything about my posting schedule, because the second I do it all goes to shit. I can promise though that the next post (whenver that will be) will include more awesome 80s/e synth awesomeness…possibly in the form of Depeche Mode.

Brides Of Frankenstein (Mix)
Brides Of Frankenstein (Dub)
Call My Name (12” Version)
Sugar Tax
Pandora’s Box (Diesel Fingers Mix)
Pandora’s Box (Abstract Mix)
Pandora’s Box (Constant Pressue 12” Mix)
Pandora’s Box (Prize Of Beauty Mix)
Holy crap on a stick that’s a lot of OMD. Here’s another example of how my crazy stupid brain works. I go to Wikipedia to check up on my OMD knowledge in preparation for this post. I get distracted and start reading up on their song “Enola Gay” which gets me interested in the actual Enola Gay as well as other 80s synthpop songs about nuclear annihilation so I end up spending 20 minutes reading about the dispute over America’s decision to drop the A-bomb while pulling up clips of “99 Luftballoons” on YouTube. I have problems. But enough about my demented brain, you probably want to know where the hell all these songs came from, well the “Brides Of Frankenstein” mixes are from that song’s 12” promo single; “Call My Name” is from its 12” single, the b-side of which was the same mix of “Brides Of Frankenstein” that was on the promo single, so there’s no need in me posting it; and the “Pandora’s Box” remixes and “Sugar Tax” all come from the American 12” promo single for “Pandora’s Box” which in America was subtitled “Long Long Way.” The song “Sugar Tax” is not on the album Sugar Tax, which is annoying. On a side note, the Sugar Tax was a real thing, it helped lead to the American Revolutionary War, and it was probably a real bitch for 18th century diabetics.

One added note, “Brides Of Frankenstein” (which is actually a megamix) has the best beat ever.

Am I Right? (Dave Bascombe Remix)
Carry On Clangers (Full Length)
Let It Flow
Waiting For Sex (Full Length)
Snappy (12” Remix)
Snappy (The Spice Has Risen Mix)
These are the last of the Erasure remixes. I’m sure I’ve said that before but this time I mean it, really, honestly…at least until I buy more Erasure 12” singles.

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  1. a Tart says:

    er, forget that last comment, I’m on crack… they’re tagged just fine, duh! xoxo

  2. nojarama says:

    Thanks for the Abstract Mix of “Pandora’s Box” (my favorite). Almost as wonderful as the US remix of “Secret”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    still no requests huh?

  4. Destrukto says:

    hahahha, forget the sylvia part, check these covers out:)
    i have linked you to my blog:)

  5. Scaryduck says:

    Sugar Tax didn’t end up on the Sugar Tax album for the simple reason that they didn’t finish it in time.

    You would have thought they’d do the title track first…

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