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My best of 2008 list is out. Mine is obviously more credible than lists put out by Spin, Rolling Stone, NME, Q, or Pitchfork.

However, I forgot to add some honorable mentions (links go to my reviews):

Squarepusher: Just A Souvenir – Acid jazz on..well..acid as the DnB god shows that he can fucking ROCK a bass. Download The Glass Road now.

The Fireman: Electric Arguments – So Paul McCartney and Youth from Killing Youth walk into a recording studio…It sounds like the set-up to a weird joke, but it the truth is that these two have been working together since the early 90s, and while their latest effort is more mainstream in nature than their earlier works, it’s still a shocking blast of left-field creations from a man who helped invent the modern pop song.

Toadies: No Deliverance
– Texans can still rock out.

NIN: Both Ghosts and The Slip – One was dirt cheap and instrumental, the other was free and angsty. Both rocked.

Motorhead: Motorizer – The day Motorhead stops recording awesome albums is the day I die a little inside.

Ludo: You’re Awful, I Love You – Proof that emo/pop-punk can be smart and well-written (I know, I was shocked too!)

Coldplay: Viva la Vida – I really wanted to hate this record but I couldn’t do it. Brian Eno has saved Coldplay from the adult-comtemporary hell that was XY.

Amanda Palmer: Who Killed Amanda Palmer? – The crazy chick from The Dresden Dolls lets her inner-rocker shine on this solo release (which is odd considering The Dresden Dolls are pretty much a solo project as well, but whatever).

Stabbing Westward
Shame (On You Mix)
Shame (It Up Mix)
Shame (Powdered Cat Mix)
Slipping Away (Suicide Mix)
I think Stabbing Westward was the first band I ever liked ironically. I remember hearing “Shame” as a teen and thinking that this band was so dark and depressing that it was actually kind of funny. Nothing screams way-too-over-the-top self-loathing like the line “I only see myself as a reflection in your eyes.” Even though they were silly and an obvious attempt to cash in on the post-NIN industrial craze, I liked Stabbing Westard, especially “Shame” and these three remixes of that song (plus “Slipping Away”) are all great. I got these off of a weird promo 12” called The Remixes.

Stigmata (Remix)
Tonight We Murder
The cover to this 12” single is damn scary, although not as scary as the cover to The Land Of Rape And Honey, since that’s a mutilated head of a dead body. Al needs a hug. The uplifting “Tonight We Murder” was also on the soundtrack to Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight, a great example of a shitty horror movie with an awesome metal soundtrack.

Lords Of Acid
I Sit On Acid (Straight Up Mix)
I Sit On Acid (Just The Basics)
I Sit On Acid (Mixin’ Up The Acid)
I Sit On Acid (The Hard Seven)
What the hell happened to these guys? They completely vanished about six years ago; they’re website hasn’t been updated since 2002! What the world needs now is more perverted techno doing it dirty. This is the best song ever about face-sitting. And if you argue that with me then you obviously have far more interest in the topic than a well-adjusted person should. These remixes are from a 12” single.

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  1. Josh says:

    What an outstanding post to start out the new year!


    And it should be noted that “Tonight We Murder” features My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’s Groovie Mann on lead vocals.

  2. scarter says:

    I agree with Josh — great post!

    Thanks for introducing me to Stabbing Westward. And Ministry is always fun.

  3. Drain says:

    kick ass way to start ’09. always nice to hear rare ministry and stabbing westward. although, i think the ‘powdered cat mix’ was mislabeled as that song is definitely not ‘shame’ but ‘falls apart’.

  4. RadioNowhere says:

    I only just discovered your blog. Any chance of a link to the Lords of Acid post??

    Brilliant blog!

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