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Okay Destrukto, I have a rule. If you’re going to post a series of links then you have describe what the fuck they are. I’m not downloading random files of the interweb, and I don’t suggest anyone else here does either. And who the hell is Sylvia? That comment is all kinds of confusing you little bastard.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was shit, but the Steelers won so it wasn’t all bad. I said before that if you’re a racist/sexist/homophobic asshole you can’t download my songs, but I forgot to add Ravens fans to that list. If you rock purple jerseys and live in Baltimore I don’t want you rocking out at my online synthpop dance party.

Don’t piss me off mofo, or I’ll send Pacman Jones after you. You can pay him in strip club cover charges, it’s cheap.

Depeche Mode
Just Can’t Get Enough (Schizo Mix)
Any Second Now (Altered)
Leave In Silence (Longer)
Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)
I promised more Depeche Mode and I finally delivered. Thse are from the awkwardly-titled promo 2XLP single “Selections From The Commercially Available Limited Edition Box Sets One and Two,” so you can probably imagine that they are also available on those previously plugged box sets. I have two of those box sets and I can tell you that they are worth the money.

New Order
Blue Order Mega-Mix 1
Blue Order Mega-Mix 2
Bootleg megamixes! From a 12” single called “Blue Order.”

Bonus Bronski Beats
The B-side to the Blue Order mixes, and if you haven’t figured it out yet it’s a Bronski Beat megamix.

Big Country
Wonderland (Extended Mix)
All Fall Together
Angle Park
Heart And Soul
Lost Patrol (Live)
I put up the tracks from the German version of this one a long time ago, but now I got the Japanese version and instead of just putting up the bonus tracks from that version, I’m reposting the whole thing since my recording equipment is a shitload better and thse rips sound a hell of a lot cleaner. The title track and “Lost Patrol” are re-recorded reposts, but “All Fall Together”, “Angle Back,” and “Heart And Soul” are brand new to Lost Turntable. The only one that is a flat-out repost is “Giant,” it’s not on the Japanese single, but it’s an awesome instrumental version of “All Fall Together” so I thought it was worth the redundancy.

3 Responses to “Random Blog Post (GO STEELERS)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the Blue Order mix, thanx, thanx, thanx!!!!!
    I bought the vinyl some 20 years ago in the netherlands and it was mindblowing and guided me for more than one decade…. then I wrecked my turntable..
    Btw any clue about a bootleg of DM called "Servant&Master"? It's origin is also from the netherlands. I gave it to a friend and never got it back.
    Will you post it ???


  2. jonderneathica says:

    LOVE me some Angle Park. Thanks!

  3. Anonymous says:

    benos megamixes perdidos en el tiempo y los “beatski mix”???

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