Sometimes I Just Can’t Think Of Anything Witty To Put Here

Argh. It’s been a long week and now Friday is approaching and I realize that I’ve only put up one post this week. That pisses me off because my backlog of awesome shit to put up is getting opressive again. I have to head out of town this weekend and I’m kind of throwing this post together just because I wanted to put something up, so it is super random, even for me.

Faith No More
Ashes To Ashes (Dillinja Remix)
Ashes To Ashes (Hardknox Alternative Mix)
Until I found this strange 12” single I didn’t know that remixes of Faith No More songs existed. These are radically different mixes than the original album version. The first one is very drum and bass (and cool) while the other is slightly more faithful to the original – it almost features the song’s chorus. I didn’t like them at first but they’ve grown on me.

The Cardigans
Lovefool (Tee’s Club Radio)
Lovefool (Tee’s Frozen Sun Mix)
Lovefool (Puck Version)
Speaking of shit that’s grown on me (eww, when I say it like that it sounds gross). I used to hate this song, but now I kind of like it. Maybe I am becoming a pussy in my old age. The first two remixes are dancey and bouncy while the “Puck” version is really a semi-obscenely named acoustic take. It’s pretty. Not Portishead pretty, but pretty.

Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Red & Blue Remix)
This is kind of a dub remix I think. It’s really weird. No weirder than a prog-rock band reinventing itself as a new wave pop band though. From a 12”.

Cut Me Out
The Toadies have a new album out. It’s called No Deliverance and it’s really good. I’m reviewing it for Bullz-eye and once it’s live I’ll link to it. In the meantime here’s a great Toadies track that isn’t on any Toadies album as far as I know. “Cut Me Out” was originally own the Escape From L.A. Soundtrack. A good soundtrack to a not-so-good movie, it featured Tool, Butthole Surfers and a few other good bands (and Gravity Kills). VERY much a sign of its times. This is one of the best track from that album.

I heard that The Toadies covered Gary Numan’s “Cars” for a b-side or something. If anyone could find that for me I’d totally be your BFF.

6 Responses to “Sometimes I Just Can’t Think Of Anything Witty To Put Here”

  1. Rekanize says:

    On the general timeline, this was Dillinja’s peak (in my opinion) when he remixed “Ashes to Ashes.” I wore out that 12″ in rather short order when it came out, so getting it here is a real treat.

  2. beketaten says:

    You need some Julian Cope up in dis thang.
    Just sayin’ XD
    [not intended in any way to be a depreciation of the goodness of this entry]

  3. Flash says:

    Great blog, yo. Keep it comin’.

  4. Drain says:

    cool find with the hardknox remix for ‘ashes to ashes’. if you can track it down, you should really give the rammstein remix for ‘last cup of sorrow’ a listen. you could actually hear a bit of ‘nebel’ from ‘mutter’ years before the album was released.

  5. Jason says:

    Escape from LA also features the greatest White Zombie track, The One. It was basically the theme of the movie. I still have my 5 ft standup cutout of Snake Plisken.

  6. THOMAS says:

    Toadies – Gary Numan’s Cars


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