Point Parked

Double Argh. Life is totally dominating my…um…life right now, so I apologize again for the lack of posts and the lack of amazing commentary by me in said posts. Too tired to talk right now.

If you’re looking for a rant go read my review of the new Lost Boys soundtrack. Holy fuck it’s balls.

Back For The Attack
Little known fact: I am totally metal. Doubt my metalness? Last week I went to the Metal Masters show and saw the majestic awesomeness of Motorhead, Heaven And Hell and Judas Priest. Lemmy is god. I’m reviewing Motorhead’s new CD, which is pretty good, and I’ll link to it once it’s done. Anways, although I’m a huge metal fan I’ve never been that into Dokken. I am however, very much into A Nightmare On Elm Street and this was the B-side to their “Dream Warrior” single. It is strangely not on the album of the same name.

Doobie Brothers
Listen To The Music (Motiv8 12” Mix)
Listen To The Music (Man City Dub)
Listen To The Music (Rampantly Pleasureable Mix)
How does something like this happen? These remixes aren’t from some fly-by-night bootleg label either, these were released by Warner Bros! What’s even stranger is that they aren’t the first dance-happy Doobie Bros. remixes I’ve heard. A while ago I bought a 12” single for a re-release of “Long Train Runnin'” that was absoultely hideous, worse than the version that was in DDR a few years back. I also remember a Toledo area DJ called DJ Daddy sampling “Black Water” in his live set, and that was actually pretty cool. These remixes aren’t bad either.

Michael Sembello
Maniac (Vocal Remix)
The college that I am currently trying to escape from is primarily known as a dance school, and as an overweight uncoordinated oaf seeing all those skinny pricks in leotards is very annoying. I have this fantasy of showing up to school one day, dressed as Jennifer Beals, and dancing to this song in the middle of a lecture hall untill I’m forcibly removed. That’s not just burning a bridge that’s blowing the motherfucker up. This remix is from a 12” single.

The thorn in my plan? They don’t make leg warmers that fit me.

When I Grow Up (Danny Tenaglia’s Club Mix)
Special (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
Good remixes of good songs by a good band. I’m tired and that’s all I got.

4 Responses to “Point Parked”

  1. Nick says:

    You asked how a record company could get away with remixing the mighty Doobies? well, sadly you have us Brits to thank for that – when we went mad for raves in the late 80s and early 90s, the “last tune of the night” used to be a luv’d up classic that had a party vibe but wasn’t hard beats – tunes like Whole Of The Moon by the Waterboys, You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Stones and Long Train Running. of course, a re-release couldn’t possibly be just the original version (oh no) so it was handed over to various trendy remixers to update. when LTR was a hit, they naturally decided to abuse the golden-egg-laying goose and chose Listen To The Music as the follow up. Lesser-able remixers and a ‘less familiar to a UK audience’ tune meant that it didn’t quite pay off and the whole thing was quietly swept under the carpet. Saying that, I really like the Sure Is pure remix of LTR and I even have a soft spot for the Rampantly Pleasurable mix as a silly piece of nonsense, haven’t you?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Somebody somebody somewhere should be able to knit you a pair of fitting leg warmers! You might be in time for the auditions for High School Musical 4 – The Divorce Years 🙂

    Greets from theNetherlands,


  3. edje says:

    All great ideas…Carton Beer(Australia) 2006

    Greetings from New Zealand


  4. Andrew says:

    Special the brothers in Rhythm mix was my soundtrack for many mornings and nights
    what a truly great track and remix
    lost it to friend who never returned cd

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