Cry, Little Emos: "Borrowed Nostalia From The Unremembered 80s"

I’ve previously expounded on the ups and downs of working as a freelance music reviewer, but today I was exposed to a new low, lower than even that damn Tokio Hotel album.

I had to review the soundtrack to Lost Boys: The Tribe, the straight-to-DVD sequel to The Lost Boys AKA the second greatest 80s vampire movie (Near Dark wins bitches). It was painful and a little bit of me died inside when I head those shitty little emo/horror-punk fuckers Aiden covering the classic “Cry, Little Sister.” Didn’t they name themselves after a character in The Ring? I think it’s safe to say they don’t know a fucking thing about horror. You want to prove you’re real hardcore when it comes to horror? Name your band after a character from an Argento film.

The review of that shitstorm will be up soon, I’ll share it with you all when the time comes. In the meantime here are some links to my reviews of recent albums that I actually liked.

Mugison’s Mugiboogie is a weird-ass collection of incredibly diverse tracks by a one-man Icelandic recording machine.

Computer vs. Banjo: Best band name I’ve heard in a while. I’m eagerly awaiting the accordion vs.turntable follow-up.

Middle Class Rut: Proof that I don’t hate all new pop-punk.

Lost Brothers
Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now) (Club Mix)
Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now) (Gladiator Remix)
These are trance remake/remixes of the original Lost Boys theme track. While they aren’t amazing and might get on the nerves of some less techno-friendly folk, they are both about a billion times better and more original than Aiden’s botched abortion of a cover.

The Killers
When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Mix)
When You Were Young (The Lindbergh Palace Remix)
When You Were Young (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Dub)
When You Were Young (The Lindbergh Palace Dub)
I got my roommate (who is from China) into The Killers, which is quite a feat considering that the last American band I heard coming out of his iPod was Chicago – and it wasn’t even “good” Chicago, it was “You’re The Inspiration.” His interest in the Las Vegas New-New Wavers came from that new Nike commercial. Although he originally thought the lyrics to that tune were “I got soul cuz I’m not sober.” Meh. Close enough. These remixes of an entirely different song are from a 2LP 12” single.

John Lydon
Psychopath (Leftfield Dub Remix)
Psychopath (Leftfield Remix #3)
I’m not buying that Lydon is a racist prick. Well, I think it’s common knowledge that he’s a prick, I mean, damn he cussed out Duffy – what did she ever do to anyone? But I’m more apt to believe his side of the story than mister “Mercury’s in retrograde.” But if he is actually a racist then I hope he tries that shit with the guy from Gym Class Heroes, because apparently he doesn’t take to kindly to being called the N-word (horribly shot YouTube video of incident here). Side note: don’t hate on GCH because of race, hate on them because of their awful music. But I digress, these two remixes from the supposed xenophobe are from a 12” and neither of them are the Leftfield Mix that appears on the Psycho’s Path album – which is a really good record by the way.

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