Phil Collins = Drugged Out Monkey?

Later this week I’m leaving the wonderful oasis of Pittsburgh for Chicago and the non-stop rocking that is Lollapalooza. Because of other commitments in the days preceeded and following the concert I’ll be away for nearly a week. Don’t fret though, I’m working on a massive post to tide all you over and make the week without me as close as it can be to livable. Until then here is some unapologetic 80s pop music.

Land Of Confusion (Extended Mix)
Invisible Touch (Special Remix Version)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Remix)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (12” Remix)
So I’m at the record store. I just traded in a bunch of shitty 12” singles for store credit and got a $160 to burn. Browsing through the rock 12” section I find the single to “Land Of Confusion” and grab it immediately. A great song, one of Collins-era Genesis best and one of the few meaningful protest songs of the 80s. With my interest in Genesis slightly piqued I dig through the crate and find the 12” single for “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight.” Another amazing tune, and this single has two remixes of that classic. It’s a great song that’s dark and twisted (most people don’t realize it’s about a junkie). Now I’m in full-on Genesis revisionist mode. “Invisible Touch!” Well shit I gotta buy that! I’ve never really given post-Peter Gabriel Genesis a chance past a few choice cuts. Maybe I should give them a second chance. Maybe I was wrong to…

Oh wait, there’s a twelve inch for “Sussudio”….nevermind.

Quick technical note: The audio on the regular remix of “Tonight…” is a little weird, at about 2:40 it cuts down for a second and then shoots back up. But it’s not my turntable’s vault – it’s just an odd mix.

Tina Turner
Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version)
Goldeneye (Morales Club Mix)
I Can’t Stand The Rain (Extended Remix)
Let’s Pretend We’re Married (Live)
One Of The Living (Special Club Mix)
One of my all-time favorite female vocalists. For some reason Tina reminds me of the 80s more than most of the “80s” artists I put up here. That’s probably because, unlike Depeche Mode and Yaz, I actually listened to Tina Turner when I was a kid. While I’m not likely to put on a Tina record that much anymore, there are few songs of hers that I love to this day, and thankfully I was able to get all of them this weekend! I was also happy to discover that the b-side to “I Can’t Stand The Rain” was a cover of Prince’s “Let’s Pretend We’re Married.”

Another quick technical note: The previously mentioned cover of “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” ends very suddenly. But once again, it’s not my fault – that’ s how it is on the record.

5 Responses to “Phil Collins = Drugged Out Monkey?”

  1. The Matt and Dan Show says:

    We were desperately hoping that the Goldeneye remix would be a gud’un…alas only disappointment…oh well 🙁

    The Matt and Dan Show

  2. girl across the sea says:

    Thanks very much for I Can’t Stand the Rain Tina rocks like no other !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    great post, thumbs up!

    for the sussudio 12″, here is a 320kbps CD rip

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, DAN & MATT, it appears that spelling should be your first priority. Wait, you were trying to be cute? Massive fail. But glad you stopped by to share your MyShit page. VOMIT!

    Personally, I say, thank you for sharing the FULL Goldeneye remix. It's very rare.

  5. Winnie Cooper says:

    Thank you!

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