The Lost Turntable All-Stars (AKA See You Mothers Next Week)

This will be my last post for at least a week. Tomorrow I am heading for the lovely Toledo, Ohio and from there Chicago for three days of motherfucking rocking at Lollapalooza. So in the mean time here are a bunch of tracks that you 80s fans (i.e. 80% of my readers) should enjoy.

When I come back I’ll be doing my usual Lolla recap, but if you can’t wait till then I’ll be Twittering throughout the weekend during the downtime between acts (I don’t use my phone during a performance, remember my rules). So bookmark this link if you want to be in the know. Hopefully my posts will consist of more than “that asshole in front of me is a prick” and “it’s too damn hot.”

Oh L’Amour (LMC Extended Remix)
Oh L’Amour (Kenny Hayes Remix)
Oh L’Amour (Shanghai Surprize Remix)
Oh L’Amour (LMC Instrumental Remix)
Breath Of Life (Aire Clarke Mix)
Sometimes (12” Mix)
Sexuality (12” Mix)
I have to be running out of Erasure remixes to post by now. I just picked up these in that massive record-trade binge that also saw me blindly buying far too much Genesis and Tina Turner. That remix of Sexuality is different than the other 12” remix of that song I put up several months ago, and much better as well.

Depeche Mode
Christmas Island (Extended)
People Are People (Live)
It Doesn’t Matter Two (Instrumental)
A Question Of Lust (Minimal)
I was originally going to post all my Depeche Mode tracks tonight, but I realize that was insane considering A: That’s over 80 tracks and B: Most them are pretty damn obscure. However, when I was planning that I was considering sick/stupid pun titles tonight including “Mother Mode” “Modeus Operendi” and my favorite/worst “I Just Blew My Mode.” I’m going to file that one for later.

Pet Shop Boys
Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Remix)
Can You Forgive Her? (MK Remix)
Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)
Don Juan (Disco Mix)
Domino Dancing (Alternative Mix)
Next to Depeche Mode The Pet Shop Boys are probably the artist that is currently backlogged the most in my to-be-posted que. I got to take care of that because between all the Erasure, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys MP3s my “songs to post” playlist is turning into one huge gay disco (albiet one incredibly awesome huge gay disco.)

New Order
World (Perfecto Mix)
World (The Sexy Disco Dub Mix)
World (World In Action Mix)
World (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
Ruined In A Day (Reunited In A Day Remix)
Ruined In A Day (Bogle Mix)
There are next to no New Order songs in my que though, as I usually record, edit and upload these fuckers as soon as possible. I do have one more 12” that I haven’t uploaded yet, and I’ll be doing that when I get back from Lolla.

Ian Dury
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Disco Version)
Four synthpop legends and a pub-rocker with Polio. Someone doesn’t blend in here. This remix came from a 12” single. Little know fact: “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” is the best song ever recorded. Yes, that is a fact, I looked it up…in my mind.

4 Responses to “The Lost Turntable All-Stars (AKA See You Mothers Next Week)”

  1. a Tart says:

    You’ve just made a gay man in England very happy, and no I’m not that man! But someone I know will thank me endlessly for that Ian Dury disco mix, so thanks and enjoy the heat and the er, pricks upfront 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just happened upon an ancient post of yours from 2006. You aparently have the “Song From The Edge Of The World (7 Inch Mix)” by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

    As you may or may not know, the 7″ doesn’t exist on CD (and I no longer have a turntable – alas.) Aparently Siouxsie and the gang hated the producer or something so never wanted to release it on DC.

    You’d be doing a service to the world if you reposted it (maybe a slight exageration but it would be awfully nice of you.)


    PS This is a great blog.

  3. Leiamoody says:

    I’m eternally grateful for the “Domino Dancing” alt version you posted. Haven’t heard it for a long time since I had to give away my copy of the 12 inch. Thank you.

  4. Timothy Barrington-Smythe says:

    Paul Hardcastle did a remix of “Hit My With Your Rhythm Stick” and it was by all accounts awesome. I’ve only heard it once. I doubt the mix on this post is it, but I’m hopeful.

    And I would say “Reasons to be Cheerful” gets the edge for me. Probably because it’s the one I remember most from my early years.

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