Everytime You Mode Me

Offfensive Political Rant

Michael Savage is a horrible c-nt. I hope his dick gets ripped off and shoved up his own asshole, two horses in heat try to copulate with his ears and an angry ice scream server scoops out his eyes with one of those heated spoon things so someone pour kerosene down his eye sockets and light the stupid motherfucker on fire.

Sure, I could have just called the idiot an asshole, but when I insult someone I do it creatively.

On a related note, Michael Savage’s son owns Rockstar. I think it’s time we stopped drinking that energy drink.

End Of Offensive Political Rant

The real sad part is that this isn’t the most disgusting thing I heard all weekend? I mean, did you hear the new Chris Cornell song?!?!? It’s just…I mean…..damn.

Okay, now onto the music for tonight.

Everytime You Touch Me (12” Beatmasters Mix)
Everytime You Touch Me (Freestyle Mix)
Everytime You Touch Me (Uplifting Edit)
Everytime You Touch Me (Progressive Edit)
Everytime You Touch Me (Na Feel Mix)
Everytime You Touch Me (Organic Mix)
Everytime You Touch Me (NYC Jungle Mix)
Everytime You Touch Me (Pure Joy Mix)
What is the reggae dude yelling in this song? “Every masse is real from the scene?” Huh? Can someone please translate for me? I don’t speak “awesome MC dude.” In case your wondering that’s nearly 50 minutes of “Everytime You Touch Me.” Excessive? Yeah probably, but Moby once released an entire CD of “Go” remixes. So this is light by comparison. And it’s a great song. I got all of these from a 2-LP 12” promo single set. Some of them were never put on CD as far as I know.

Depeche Mode
Home (Jedi Knights Remix Drowning In Time)
Home (Air “Around The Golf” Remix)
Home (Meant To Be)
Home (Grantby Mix)
It looks like Depeche Mode hired whomever does the remix naming for Erasure when it came to the first two “Home” remixes. But while “Jedi Knights Remix Drowning In Time” is a pretty sweet remix title, it still doesn’t hold a candle to “Orbital Southsea Isle Of Holy Beats Mix” or “Truly In Love With The Marx Bros. Mix” (actual Erasure remix titles). These remixes are from a 12” single.

5 Responses to “Everytime You Mode Me”

  1. Anonymous says:

    totally agreed on the Michael Savage issue, omg. but honestly, Chris Cornell has so totally gone soft on us, eeek. what happened to the raw, sexy, brazen voice we loved him for? i hate the new song, sorry!

  2. John says:

    The Jedi Knights were Tom Middleton & Mark Pritchard, who also recorded as Global Communication.

    Tom is still putting out some really quality tracks – mostly deep house, broken beat and ambient stuff.

    Thanks for posting this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You disguise your hatred for a person as a ‘political rant’.
    Eveything you said in your ‘personal’ rant was worse than what Savage said.

    The link you provided has comments with the same amount of hatred from other armchair wannabee murderers, so who is the ‘sickest, you commenters, or Savage?

    A serious question.
    Do you really hate someone that much?

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    I was ranting against a political commenator. And if that little twerp’s show can be considered “political commentary” then my poorly worded foul-mouthed response can be too.

    And what I said was far worse? Really? I don’t recall insulting an entire population of disabled people and their families. Let me re-read my original post…nope, I said nothing of the sort.

    I made a personal attack on an individual who has the ability to defend himself. I didn’t make broad uneducated generalizations about entire groups of people that I know little about. I didn’t lash out on a group of disabled children who have to face a lifetime of hardship, like that little bastard did.

    Is what I said sane and rational? No, probably not, but when you dish out words like “asshole” and “fuckwad” as terms of endearment to people you like, you have to really take things up a notch when you find someone you really hate. And I think the amount of vitriol and hatred coming from me and the commentors over at Media Matters speaks volumes about how disgusting and sick Michael Savage is for saying what he said. If you held many of those “armchair murderers” to what they said they would probably cave and eventually admit that they don’t want to kill Savage, however Savage will always stand by the most disgusting and hateful things he says until the day he dies.

    And yes, I do hate someone that much. I hate Savage with every fiber of my being. I hated him when he told a gay caller to “get AIDS and die” I hated him when called women who wear burqas Nazis, I hated him when he said that illegal immigrants are here to “sell drugs, rape, and kill on contract.”

    I HATE Michael Savage because he is symbol of everything that is wrong with my country and humankind in general. He is a celebration of the kind of ignorance and hatred that destroys lives all over the world. He’s cowardly little shitstain on society and while I would feel sorry for his family if he died (fuck I feel sorry for them already and the bastard is still alive), I wouldn’t shed a tear if that cocksucker got killed tomorrow.

    I don’t hate you for you’re uneducated and anonymous rambling. But I sure as hell don’t like you. And if you think what Michael Savage said was right then I don’t want you to read my fucking blog.

  5. Dave The Ox says:

    Uh, FUCK SAVAGE! Fuck that anonymous fuck too. Was that too brutal? Keep on keepin’ on TLB.

    As someone who knows a bit about Autism I can say that Michael Savage should shut the fuck up and just admit he was wrong.

    Anyway, I come to this blog for the music AND the attitude! Keep doing what you do so well!

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