Everybody Bad Pun Tonight (Everybody’s Well Hung Tonight)

This is the most 80s my blog has been in a very long while. Get out your day-glo.

Aztec Camera
Somewhere In My Heart (Remix)
Somewhere In My Heart (Alternate Mix)
I know very little about this band. In fact the only reason I own this 12” single is because a friend asked me to record it for them. I heard they did a duet with Mick Jones though, I’ll have to track that single down. Awesome band name though.

Stand Up (Extended Dance Mix)
Stand Up (Ya House Mix)
Underneath The Radar (12” Remix)
Did you know that Underworld used to be a synthpop dance band? I sure as hell didn’t when I picked up these singles so imagine my surprise. Not only was I surprised by the songs’ decidedly Top 40-ness, I was also surprised by just how damn amazingly great they were. These tracks were from before Emerson joined the group and ever since he left they haven’t really been the same. Maybe they should go back to the synthpop, it’s kind of popular again. Have any of these songs been played live since 1990? I love it when a band has the guts to totally transform themselves like these guys did, it’s like when Pantera ditched the glam or when Alanis ditched the…Canada.

Anways, the first three tracks are from the single to “Stand Up” and the mix of “Underneath The Radar” (which is HOLY SHIT good btw) is from a promo 12”. And although I love all of these songs, they all just remind that I love “Born Slippy .NUXX” so I end up cutting them off halfway through and putting that song on – so they ain’t that great.

Wang Chung
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (12 Inches Of Fun)
Fun Tonight: The Early Years
I got shit to say about Wang Chung dammit. I like Wang Chung! That’s right, I said it. I’ve always thought the band got a shit rap for this song, which is actually a pretty damn good pop song that holds up. And I mentioned this before, but I want to say it again – their soundtrack for To Live And Die In L.A. is a great underrated piece of 80s goodness (much like the movie itself) and you should check it out. This single is great because of the later track, which as the title suggest, is from the band’s early years when they were more experimental.

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  1. ximeremix says:

    Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aztec_Camera for info about them……. for once it’s pretty accurate!

  2. Anna says:

    Thanks for the Aztec Camera remixes!

  3. Ctelblog says:

    Ay, Aztec Camera are Roddy Frame from Scotland. Child prodigy. The duet with Mick Jones was “Good Morning Britain”. It is quite a political song.

    Just for you:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Finally, the real guy who holds the key! Thanks for sharing man!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow – thanks for the early Underworld mixes. I’m an ‘old school’ Underworld fan and I never knew these existed.
    You gotta check out their 2 early albums ‘Underneath The Radar’ and ‘Change ‘The Weather’
    Awesome stuff!

  6. Ktel Jenkins says:

    hey I saw that version of underworld open for Eurythmics on their we 2 are 1 tour. They were horrible, I even have the CD and 12″s I was pleased in their 90s revision. I liked Fruer[sp] as well. but underneath the radar was a big drag.

  7. Anonymous says:

    lol… I guess we’re polar opposites Kenny. I couldn’t stand the 90s version of Underworld and ‘Underneath…’ remains one of my favourite albums of all time.
    Different strokes for different folks!

  8. djpedrus says:

    hi…searching info about stand up (i post in my blog too..), i find on your blog… great! 😉


    im a old ex-dj…and post a lot old hits in spain

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