Duck, You Tokio Hotel Fans!

Holy Shit.

It’s been said that arguing on the internet is like the Special Olypmics. Even if you win you’re still retarded.

So, if you’re a Tokio Hotel/Jonas Brothers fan and you’re arguing about who is better what is that? Is that like winning the “most vegitative” contest at a hospice? Look, if you like Tokio Hotel or The Jonas Brothers enough to argue about them over the internet do the world a favor and kill your-okay that’s a bit harsh (but just barely), suicide probably ins’t the answer, but jesus…buy a damn Nirvana album. You obviously have some learning to do.

The Pogues
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Extended Version)
The Limerick Rate
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
I love Shane MacGowan, he’s such a drunk that he was kicked out of an Irish punk band. He should start a new band with Slash, Michael Anthony from Van Halen and Iron Maiden’s Clive Burr. They could be called R.U.I. (Rocking Under the Influence). Of course, they’d only get one song in before they all collapsed on stage, but it would be awesome. The extended version of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah” and “The Limerick Rate” are from a 12” single. Their version of the Morricone classic “The Good The Bad And The Ugly” is from my vinyl copy of Straight To Hell Soundtrack. This Alex Cox western is a fucked up classic and it has a killer soundtrack. For some reason the CD re-issue of it doesn’t have this killer tune by everyone’s favorite drunen Irishmen.

Pray For Rain
The Killers (Main Title Theme)
Money, Guns And Coffee
Speaking of the soundtrack to Straight To Hell…These two tracks were also on the original vinyl release but “The Killers” was chopped down by about a minute for the CD release for some reason, and “Money, Guns And Coffee” was taken off completely. If you watch Alex Cox films then you’ve heard Pray For Rain before, they seem to be his in-house band and have done the soundtracks for most of his movies.

Duck You Sucker – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I’m feeling Westerny tonight so let’s keep it up. Duck, You Sucker was the last western directed by Sergio Leone, who previously did the Man With No Name trilogy and the uber-epic Once Upon A Time In The West. It’s his least known western, probably because of it’s b-level cast and the admittiedly pretty stupid title. Like every other Leone film the score was provided by the ultra-prolific Ennio Morricone, who has done something like 80 bagillion film scores. It’s one of his odder pieces and while it doesn’t have the instantly recognizable hooks of his more famous work from The Good The Bad And The Ugly, it’s still a must have for western fans. It’s been out of print in the US for a while now. If you really like it though I recommend picking up the import version which includes an entirely alternate performance of the score. It also probably sounds a hell of a lot better than my recording of the vinyl, which is kind of scratchy.

4 Responses to “Duck, You Tokio Hotel Fans!”

  1. Dave The Ox says:

    I don’t know enough about the Jonas Brothers to say anything witty, but they’re with Disney and I hate anything with an air of High School Musical so I’ll say fuck ’em on general principal. BUT FUCK THE TOKIO HOTEL IDIOTS TO DEATH ALREADY! PLEASE, someone needs to go to one of their shit shows and spread leprosy through the crowd! Get some real rock records and throw this kiddie shit in the garbage!

    That said, as usual, love your blog, love your comments, keep having a bad attitude because we all benefit from it and don’t take any shit from anyone!

  2. Scaryduck says:

    I wear a badge of honour for having bowked rich, brown vomit in the mosh pit of a Pogues concert.

    Something to tell the grandchildren when “Fairytale of New York” comes on the TV many Christmases from now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the Special Olympics quote.

    No Depeche Mode this time?

  4. The Lost Turntable says:

    I was tired and didn’t feel like it. There will be more soon.

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