Sigur Siouxsie Mode

I know who you are and I know where you live.

Okay, not really, but I do know how a lot of people find my site thanks to Statcounter. I use it mostly to track how many people come here (not many, but enough to keep me happy) and how they get here, (usually Hype Machine and Elbows). However, they do have a feature that allows me to see what search keywords lead people to my little corner of angst and remixes. That’s the part that scares the fuck out of me. Let me share with you some search terms that people have used to end up at my site:

suck on it
turntable seen in indecent proposal
what should vampires eat
what was charlie sheen’s childhood fear

The first two aren’t that odd (although the fact that the people searching for them clicked on my site is a little bizarre) but the last three confuse me, and that last one makes my fucking brain hurt. What the fuck!? Who the fuck searches for that? Is Denise Richards looking for new ways to fuck with him? Seriously, what the fuck?

Enough of that bullshit, let’s move onto something less confusing, like experimental Icelandic music.

Sigur Rós
Rafmagnið Búið/Ný Batterí
Bíum Bíum Bambaló
Dánarfregnir Og Jarðarfarir
Fuck speaking it, Icelandic is a hard language to type.
Anyways, this is the last band I expected to talk about here (that’s not true, the last band you’ll ever hear me talking about is Starship). I am very much not a post-rock fan. I don’t like it now and I didn’t like it when it was called Shoegaze. I’ve tried to give Sigur Rós a chance before and got burned in the process. However, I guess I’m growing musically because after picking up a couple singles by the band a few days ago I find myself somewhat enjoying them. I still won’t listen to them while driving though, that would be suicide.

Okay, now I’m going to attempt to describe what these songs are and where they came from using the best of my abilities (and my copy/paste skills, because I am not spelling these bitches out manually). Rafmagnið búið/Ný Batterí is actually two songs, the former is an extended horn intro of the latter. I didn’t split them up because I couldn’t figure out when one ended and the other began. Once Ný Batterí gets going it’s identical to the album version. Both Bíum Bíum Bambaló and Dánarfregnir Og Jarðarfarir originally appeared on the soundtrack to the film Angels Of The Universe and as far as I can tell they never appeared on a proper Sigur Rós album. Please correct me if I am wrong about the information, but don’t correct me on the spelling of this shit or I will kill you.

Siouxsie & The Banshees
Slowdive (12” Version)
Obsession II
Cannibal Roses
The Last Beat Of My Heart (Live At Lollapalooza)
Overground (Live At KROQ Christmas Show)
One day Siouxsie and me will run off together and have big-haired children who sing fucked up Beatles covers. Until that day comes I will have to make due with obscure B-sides and live recordings. The first three tracks are from the 12” single to Slowdive and the last two are from a sampler that was given out to radio stations.

Depeche Mode
It’s No Good (Hardfloor Mix)
It’s No Good (Speedy J Mix)
It’s No Good (Bass Bounce Mix)
Slowblow (Darren Price Mix)
And tonight’s obligatory Depeche Mode post was brought to you by Okay, that’s not true, I just really like that site and like I said before my desire to talk about Depeche Mode is far less than my desire to continue to post Depeche Mode songs. The first four tracks are from the CD single of It’s No Good, so if you detect any turntable-related problems with those you’re an asshole. The last one is from a 12” It’s No Good single, for some reason that mix wasn’t on the CD single I had.

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  1. tboy34 says:

    Thank you so much for these rare Siouxsie tracks. She and the banshees are my Ultimate favorite Alternative Rock Band. I’ve been following them from the beginning. Thank you!

  2. H H says:

    hello! do you think there is any small chance you could re post the link to SLowDive??


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