Cousin It Rocking Out

I would have began this post an hour and half ago but something came up, thanks a lot Penguins. The sad thing is that I’m not even a hockey fan. I had to watch the game because I live in Pittsburgh. That’s not an exaggeration – if you live in Pittsburgh you are required by law to watch the Stanley Cup Finals when the Penguins are in it or Mario Lemieux comes to your house and body checks you to death.

Anyways, as promised here is the link to my review to the dreaded Tokio Hotel album. I’m not that particularly fond of this review though. This is going to sound odd, but I usually don’t write in the same “voice” in my reviews that I do here. I try to sound a little more professional and polished (gotta get those good clips for my eventual position at Spin y’know), but I couldn’t do it this time around. This review is just 500 plus words of rotten, evil bile directed squarely at those little fuckers and their handlers. I also got to warn you that I close the review with a horribly inappropriate Holocaust joke. Sorry about that.

On a vastly unrelated note, I saw Coheed And Cambiria live this past weekend. Excellent show. I usually don’t go for that kind of music, but it’s really hard not to like a band who has based their entire existence and recording catalog on a single complicated concept about mutant viruses, planet-wide civil wars and a bunch of other wacky shit. It’s also hard to hate a band fronted by a dude who looks like the Mexican half-brother of Cousin It. For the encore the dude was rocking a double-necked guitar behind his back while playing a theremin. If that’s not glorious/stupid rock excess I don’t know what is.

Killer (William Orbit Remix)
Killer (Live)
Killer (3D Mix)
Whirlpool (Live)
Come See What Love Has Done (Live)
Hey Joe (Live)
I’m not the world’s biggest Seal fan (that would be Heidi Klum) but I had to pick up this 12” single when I saw that it included a cover of “Hey Joe.” It’s pretty good, and the remixes of “Killer” are nice too. The other live tracks are kind of blah, but I figured I’d include the whole single.

Giorgio Moroder
Never Ending Story (DJ Tomcraft Remix)
Never Ending Story (Tox N’Stone Remix)
Is it “neverending” or “Never Ending?” Meh, whatever. These remixes came out in 2000, some sixteen years after the movie came out and they are not remixes of the original version – so all you Limahl/Kajagoogoo fans are going to have to deal with it.

Cherry Lips (MaUVe’s Dark Vocal with accapella mix)
Cherry Lips (Roger Sanchez Tha S-Man’s Release Mix)
Cherry Lips (Howie B Mix)
I first saw this single at Eide’s Entertainment in Pittsburgh about 3 years ago and I didn’t buy it because it was way overpriced at something like 12 bucks. A year later it was still there, but still overpriced at 10 bucks. When I went to the store a few months ago for their Anniversary Sale it was still marked at 10 bucks, but since the sale was for half off new vinyl, I got it for five. I had to wait three years but I saved seven bucks. Totally worth it. I’ll have the other drastically discounted Garbage 12” I bought from them later this week.

4 Responses to “Cousin It Rocking Out”

  1. Tom says:

    “those guys who were in that band with the dude with the hair”


    “it’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for them — if they didn’t suck so much.”

    Brilliant! Better than Spin. Much better.

  2. scarter says:

    Nice selection. The Garbage tunes in particular are wonderful. And I had no idea Seal could sound so much like Peter Gabriel.

  3. Anonymous says:

    love that garbage song. cant believe it wasnt a hit

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Net is the Net and anything goes, more or less. But if you’re actually gunning for a Spin-type job, you wouldn’t get anywhere with that Holocaust joke. For one, it’s tasteless and unprofessional; no credible pub would ever print such a thing. And two, it’s not a very good joke; it’s more silly than stupid. Keep trying.

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