Ambient Ambivalence

Something I forgot to mention yesterday about the Penguins game – watching hockey with an excitable Chinese man who barely understands the rules of the game and is highly squeamish when it comes to blood is totally awesome. I recommend everyone find a Chinese guy and do the same for game six.

And on that slightly offensive note…

Breaking Up The Girl (Timo Maas Remix)
Breaking Up The Girl (Brothers In Rhythm Therapy Dub)
Breaking Up The Girl (Brothers In Rhythm Therapy Mix)
Breaking Up The Girl (Timo Maas Dub)
The other half of the massively discounted Garbage 12” singles I got from that shitty Pittsburgh store Eides’. If you’re looking for vinyl and are in the Pittsburgh area go to Jerry’s or The Attic, since they got more shit at much cheaper problems. And if you’re in the Pitt area and looking for rare DVDs or shit like that just don’t even bother. The cocksucker gougers on eBay are cheaper than the pricks at Eides’, and you won’t have to deal with asshole clerks.

Massive Attack
Karmacoma (Mad Professor Bumper Ball Dub)
Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)
Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation)
I’ve really been getting into the whole ambient house/dub thing again recently. I think it’s because I’m reviewing the new album by The Orb right now (it’s really good.) It also might be because I’m kind of stressed out right now and 90s ambient electronic music is probably the most chill shit you could ever listen to. Technically Massive Attack isn’t ambient, it’s trip-hop, but I’ve always hated that fucking genre name. These ambient remixes are from a 12” single I picked up a few weeks ago. I love how the remixes aren’t remixes, but an “experience” and a “situation.” While calling your mix an experience sounds kind of cool, calling it a situation makes it sound like it’s some sort of massive problem.

Depeche Mode
Shout (Rio Mix)
Now, This Is Fun (Extended Remix)
I’ve let quite the backlog of Depeche Mode remixes and b-sides back up over the past few months. I had DM-overload from posting so much of them in the past. I’m going back into it light with these tracks, but expect one of my trademarked Massive Depeche Mode posts sometime this week or next. These two remixes are B-sides to “New Life” and “See You” – two very early Depeche Mode singles.

7 Responses to “Ambient Ambivalence”

  1. rickdog says:

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  2. slinky says:

    yeah, what’s the deal with eides? it used to be a great record store but now it sucks. they seem to deal with only two genres of music now : goth and industrial. i have nothing against those genres, but what about everything else? and the last time i was in there, i asked if they had something by erasure and they looked at me like i was crazy. (even though groups like depeche mode, pet shop boys, and erasure are highly respected in the goth/industrial scenes)

  3. Rex says:

    I’m sad. You had some Oingo Boingo stuff up a while back but I missed it. iTunes in Australia doesn’t sell it. Could you do another Elfman post, pretty please?

  4. lara says:

    first time poster, long time reader but of course i had to leave a message telling you – BRING ON THE DEPECHE MODE! You fucking rock my socks!

  5. Sav` says:

    Those Depeche Mode tunes were nice !! Massive Attach was aight but a bit down tempo for me today

  6. Anonymous says:

    shout is my favourite depeche mode song ever. oh, wait, maybe oberkorn is my favourite. no, wait wait, or work hard, yeah, that’s it. no, wait, it’s shout.

  7. TDawg says:

    I found out about this amazing blog a few weeks ago. Since then I've been reading every post. <3<3

    And I doubt it. But if you were to repost these songs.

    I. Would. Love. You. Forever.

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