Enough “politics” for now. I do love though how someone thought I shouldn’t talk about events like that because this is a “music blog.” Let’s get one thing straight, while this is a music blog, it is first and foremost MY blog. If you don’t like it you can a) close your browser and not come back or b) suck it.

Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
Paper Planes (Blaqstarr Remix ft. Rye Rye & Afrkian Boy)
Paper Planes (Remix For The Children by Adrock)
Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix ft. Bun B & Rich Boy)
Paper Planes (Scottie B. Remix)
Proving that I have the attention-span of a speed-addicted lemur, the remixes to this tune have replaced The Fever’s cover of “Glamorous Life” as my new favorite song of the moment. All of these mixes are great, strangely though the DFA one is the worst, as it takes out the instantly recognizable gunshot and cash register sounds and replaces them with generic beeps and boops. The rest of them keep the implied violence and rampant capitalism in tact.

Unbelievable (Cin City Sex Mix)
Unbelievable (Boot Lane Mix)
Unbelievable (House Mix)
Unbelievable (Hip Hop Mix)
EMF (Live)
MIA and then EMF, you see what I did there? I’m a fucking genius. Everyone knows that Unbelievable is built off a sample from an Andrew Dice Clay concert, making it the sole good thing that no-talent hack ever contributed to the world. The first two remixes of the song are pretty similar, but the latter two are very different, and both live up to their parathesized names, the Hip-Hop Mix even features a guest rapper. The live version of “EMF” (I love it when a band has a song named after themselves – Bad Company I’m totally GLARING in your direction) proves that their name had nothing to do with Epsom Mad Funkers and more to do with Ecstasy…MotherFuckers.

5 Responses to “TLT”

  1. beketaten says:

    HAHA…I actually just copped those EMF remixes the other day (FINALLY after ages waiting) on soulseek….But I’ll re-download them from you because that’s the kind of faithful [Ecstasy,optional]…Motherfucker I am!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I’m picking up on your vibe here. EMF + MiA= Pil. Name of band and song: Bad Company=Public Image. And keeping with the light tone of your blog I thought I’d mention EMF’s bass guitarist, Zac Foley, died on 2 January 2002, due to an overdose of non-prescribed drugs. He was aged 31. Unfuckingbelievable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    depending on what you look like, maybe i will suck it…..otherwise, i think i’ll just leave you to your nasty arrogant self (unless you’re hot)

  4. Timothy Barrington-Smythe says:

    I always thought the name was supposed to stand for “Eastdean Mother Fuckers”.

    Regardless, love their first song. Though “I Believe” was even better.

    As for politics, yes, keep it off the blog. It’s a music blog, you can’t possibly know or have an opinion on anything else can you…;)

  5. c@meron says:

    I dig yr politik-ing, logo, and musical taste & worship yr sock drawer-keep it comin’!

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