41+50 = Murder

Fuck The NYPD

Not the first time it happened, and thanks to the corrupt ruling of pig judge Arthur Cooperman it won’t be the last.

These songs are about Amadou Diallo, the previous man who was brutally murdered by a gang of thugs (NYPD) who got away with it.
Bruce Springsteen – American Skin (41 Shots)
Le Tigre – Bang! Bang!

Bonus Track
Body Count – Cop Killer
An effort to make this post somewhat relevant to the point of my blog. Classic Ice-T tune (and the best song on the Body Count album) that was pulled after a bunch of dirty cops and shitbag politicians got pissed off. Any song that pisses off Dan Qualye and George Bush is a great song. Can’t wait to listen to while playing Grand Theft Auto IV – which is set in a clone of NYC, so I won’t feel so guilty about brutally murdering hundreds of cops this time around.

Here’s hoping that every corrupt pig in the country gets sodomized with a plunger.

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