I’ll Eat Your Arm You Stupid Hippie

I didn’t update last week because I was in lovely Toledo Ohio with my family gorging myself on turkey and family-induced guilt and hatred. I didn’t update most of this week because I’m a lazy prick. I respect my readers (wow, that shocked even me) so I’m won’t bullshit you. With Christmas break coming very soon I hope the respite from schoolwork will allow me to post some of the crap that’s been backing up next to my computer desk. I’m neck-high in 12” import singles right now and it’s driving me nutty!

Fun Boy Three
Our Lips Are Sealed (Special Remix Version)
Our Lips Are Sealed (Urdu Version)
Yeah so The Go-Go’s released this song in 1981 and MTV picked up the video and everyone went ga-ga for The Go-Go’s for about three years. But did you know that just two years after The Go-Go’s released it a band by the name of Fun Boy Three did as well? It’s not just an example of some band riding the coattails of another to success, Fun Boy Three’s Terry Hall co-wrote the ditty with The Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin (I believe they were secretly doing it at the time and that inspired the song). This version is a radical departure from the original. It’s much slower and probably is closer to how the couple was actually feeling when they wrote the song. This cool remix and the odd-as-all-fuck Urdu version are from a 12” single.

The Cure
Hot Hot Hot!!! (Extended Remix)
Hey You (Extended Remix)
Never Enough (Big Mix)
Harold And Joe
Let’s Go To Bed (Milk Mix)
Close To Me (Extended Remix)
People still like The Cure right? And by “like The Cure” I don’t mean “like ‘Just Like Heaven’ and ‘Love Song'”. I mean, people still buy new albums buy The Cure don’t they? And they still tour pretty big venues. So I’m asking those people this; is Robert Smith’s hair still look like he stuck his finger inside 20 different outlets at once whilst covered in water? Just kind of wondering.

Real Life
Send Me An Angel (Heaven No. 7 Mix)
Send Me An Angel (Cloud Nine Mix)
If Duran Duran, Flock Of Seagulls and Alphaville had a baby in Australia the result would’ve been Real Life and this song. There are 80 bagillion remixes of this song (that’s not hyperbole okay, I counted the fuckers) and these are two of the best. I grabbed these off of a West German import from 1988 (must’ve come out just before the Cold War cut-off date) and I think the first one is also known as the “89 Mix” but I could be mistaken…I do now I’m not going to try and find that one to listen to as well, one man can only handle so much of this song.

Wang Chung
Dance Hall Days (Extended Remix)
Don’t Let Go (Extended Remix)
Behind a lot of over-produced, super-polished, slickly-made 80s pop tunes are intelligent lyrics or interesting melodies that allow them to rise above their pop music label. The songs of Wang Chung are not included with any of those songs. I still have a soft spot for the band though. I remember thinking “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” was the greatest song of all-tme when I was eight. While that song’s novelty has kind of waned on me, I still love “Dance Hall Days” and this remix is more of a good thing. I’m kind of impartial to “Don’t Let Go” but it was the B-side so what the heck.

6 Responses to “I’ll Eat Your Arm You Stupid Hippie”

  1. Paul F. says:

    Yes, you are correct on the Real Life remix also being known as “Send Me An Angel ’89.” I’ve got nearly everything they’ve released and know David Sterry personally. Nice to see these guys posted here.

    The band’s entire back catalog (outside of the mixes featured here) is now available for download on the band’s website:


    Paul F

  2. Anonymous says:

    My favorite memory of “Send Me An Angel” has got to be the BMX dance scene in the movie “RAD”. Sigh… I miss the 80’s.

  3. Paul F. says:

    That song was so out of place in that movie. Nothing says RAD BMX bikers than synthpop 😉

    Paul F

  4. beketaten says:

    Yet somehow I think that the lyric “Everybody Wang Chung tonight” is still among the most hauntingly unsettling, and resoundingly stirring lyrics ever to emerge from the mountain range of popular music.

  5. Lizki says:

    Thanx for HEY YOU! Am listening to it on the Hype machine.
    Fun one.

  6. Margaret says:

    Smith’s hair is a little limper, but basically still insane.

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