Sex Bomb Boobies!

I’m done with school for the semester! Thank Jeebus! These are the songs I’m happy-dancing to. Expect a return to more frequent updates until the hell of college comes creeping back into my life.

Information Society
Something In The Air (Extended Club Edit)
Walking Away (Space Age Mix)
Walking Away (SMD Mix)
Make It Funkier (Boot It Up Vocal)
Think (Blueboy 2600 Mix)
Think (Virtual Reality Mix)
When I was young I used to Rock out to the video for “Pure Energy” on the CD+G disc that came with my Sega CD. For those who have no clue as to what the hell I’m talking about I’ll explain. For about 5 minutes in the 90s somebody got the bright idea to pack CDs with graphic information so that when you hooked up your stereo to your TV you were treated to the latest in 16-bit slideshow graphics. It was retarded. The only CD I had that had this “amazing” feature was a promo disc that came with my Sega CD (I guess shit technology travels together). In addition to two videos by InSoc I recall it having videos by Little Feet and Jimi Hendrix, the rest is kind of a blur. These various remixes came from various 12” singles.

Sidenote: InSoc was on an episode of that VH1 show Bands Reunited. If you want an insider take on “Reality” TV be sure to read this great read by Kurt Larson from the group.

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Success! (12” Dance Mix)
Success! (Funky Mix)
Success! (Balaeracidic Mix)
Success! (Metal Hammer Mix)
How come “Bands Reunited” never tried to get Sigue Sigue Sputnik back together? These dudes were created for the sole purpose of selling out, so it wouldn’t been a match made in heaven! I’ve been accumulating SSS releases recently and they are quickly becoming my new favorite non-guilty pleasure (no pleasures should be guilty). My obsession with the band was recently encouraged by the new David Bowie box set, which includes his cover of their immortal “Love Missile F-11”.

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  1. beketaten says:

    I can’t believe Information Society isn’t better praised in the so-dubbed “blogosphere”. They’re fucking kickass.

    “Pure Energy” makes me get my freak on, I know this much.

    (Alright, now I’ll stop my InSoc rant, and actually take time to read/go through the other stuff.)

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