Grim Up Northwest Ohio

Okay, so I got a request for sopme KLF post by someone who has proven in the past that he cannot read my blog properly. He reiterated my suspicions by asking for a KLF post because I’ve posted about The KLF several times already! Luckily for him I’m feeling generous. I also bought two more KLF 12” singles last week, so it all works out. Here’s all the KLF stuff I’ve posted with those two new singles as well something special. I’m separating The KLF stuff by single because it’s just easier that way. These motherfuckers remixed their shit like it was going out of style. Stuff I posted previously is marked as such.

3 A.M. Eternal
Live At The S.S.L. (Extended version different from album cut)
Guns Of Mu Mu (Previously Posted)
Klonk Blip Every Trip (Previously Posted)
Wayward Dub (Previously Posted)

Last Train To Trancentral
The Iron Horse Mix
Live From The Lost Continent
Vari-Speed Version

What Time Is Love?
America: What Time Is Love? (Previously Posted)
Moody Boys vs. The KLF
Live At Trancentral
Techno Gate Mix

Justified & Ancient
All Bound For Mu Mu Land (Previously Posted)
Make Mine A “99” (Previously Posted)
Stand By The Jams- Featuring Miss Tammy Wynette (Previously Posted)
Let Them Eat Ice Cream (Previously Posted)

Bonus Tracks:
The JAMs
The Queen And I
All You Need Is Love
Before The KLF was The KLF they were The Jams (aka The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu). Their first album was 1987 (What The Fuck Is Going On?) and contained more illegal samples then you can shake a cease-and-desist letter at so it is long out of print. If you manage to find a copy prepare yourself to be severely disappointed. While the samples of questionable legality are fun and work pretty well, the rapping by the two white English blokes does not. These two are the best tracks from that record. “The Queen And I” is based off of a sample of Abba’s “Dancing Queen” (with some “God Save The Queen” thrown in) and All You Need Is Love pulls from Samantha Fox’s “Touch Me” among other things.

This’ll be it for me until after Thanksgiving, to everyone that recognizes it I wish a good Thanksgiving and to everyone else I wish a happy Thursday. Oh, and George I haven’t forgot about you, I’ll send you some stuff next week.

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  1. Drain says:

    i’ve got the pumpkins tracks from “batman & robin” up at my blog if you ‘d like to grab them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool post. Bill Drummond is a Scot though, not English – read 45. 1987 is gash though.

  3. Paul F. says:

    Great, great post! I’ve got The KLF: 3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital) posted on The New Wave Time Machine for anyone who wants that one. Here’s the direct link:

    Paul F

  4. Nick B says:

    I love this blog – you really have a great record collection and every time i log on, i get a proustian rush back to my youth!
    can i be picky about the KLF post? before they were the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) they were the JAMMs (The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu). only one M but it meant that they could sing ‘mu mu’ all through every one of their pop tracks!
    keep em coming – i’m loving what you’re doing

  5. The Jerk says:

    Thanks for the tolerance with my request. It’s much appreciated!

  6. ||foca|| says:

    The KLF rulez; if you want “Lovetrance” ( fake or not ) here it is:

  7. Mister Cool says:

    If you like KFL you should check out The Timelords (KLF under a different name) and their funky Dr.Who themes in Doctorin’ The Tardis. Groundbreaking stuff.

  8. Rasmus says:

    Please post these again as the link doesn’t seem to work… Thx!

  9. The Lost Turntable says:


    Songs are available for a limited time.

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