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Everyone can stop sending me emails for help in regards to the Radiohead thing. I only needed one response for my article and I got it. So everyone thank George for making sure I don’t fail my reporting class. Everyone who didn’t make the cut I think as well.

On a slightly more angry note, everyone go look at the sidebar to the right. You see where it says “Disclaim This”? Under that is my email address. I don’t spell it out or have a link to it because spambots search out that shit. Anyone who comments that they can’t find my email will be mocked and mocked again once more – except the person that just did because at least he was trying to be helpful, he just needs to brush up on his reading skills I guess.

I might not get to update next week. Thanksgiving is coming up and that means I get to travel back to my wondrous homeland of Toledo, Ohio and get all friendly and shit with my family. That takes a lot out of me. I hope to get some more goodies up here before then though.

David Bowie vs. 808 State
Sound + Vision (808 GiftMix)
Sound + Vision (808 ‘Lectric Blue Remix Instrumental)
Sound + Vision (David Richards Remix 1991)
The whole vs. mix idea is fucking retarded. It’s not like 808 State and David Bowie got in a room with dueling mixing equipment and went at it. That would be totally awesome though, it would be like a breakdance battle with synthesizers. I can totally get behind that. These remixes are off of a weird CD single I picked up at a record convention last month. I don’t know why 808 State (or Bowie) chose this song to remix, there’ s not much to it.

The Smashing Pumpkins
The End Is the Beginning Is the End (Stuck in the Middle with Fluke Vox Mix)
The End Is the Beginning Is the End (Stuck in the Middle with Fluke Alternative Mix)
The End Is the Beginning Is the End (Rabbit in the Moon’s Melancholy & the Infinite Madness Mix)
The End Is the Beginning Is the End (Hallucination’s Gotham Ghetto Beats)
I love this song but I guess it can never be put on any compilation by The Smashing Pumpkins because Warner Bros. totally owns it forever since it was in the soundtrack to that shitty third Batman movie (the one with Val Kilmer). Don’t you just love how corporate pissing contests fuck over fans? And they wonder why illegal downloading is so big. I’m not going to buy the soundtrack to Batman Forever just because I like this song and the U2 one – I’m going to steal them online. I think Batman would have my back in this case.

God Is A DJ (Anthony Acid Full Mix)
God Is A DJ (Rollo & Sister Bliss Deep Mix)
God Is A DJ (Serious Danger Mix)
Flashback for everyone. It’s 1998 and I’m a college student desperate for some play. Using cutting-edge internet technology for the time (AOL) I start chatting with some chick. She seems funny, nice and has respectable taste in electronic music, which is the kind of music I’m really into at the time. It just so happened that at that same time I was reviewing a copy of Faithless’ Saturday 8PM (with the bonus remix CD) and I tell her that if we ever hang out sometime she can borrow it. We meet in the cafeteria a few weeks later, she’s a hot red-head punky broad and I’m super-stocked. We have a decent conversation and I let her borrow the CD, at which point I never hear from her again. Sigh. I’m used to getting burned by chicks, but losing that CD in the process was a real kick in the taint. Anyways, these remixes of “God Is A DJ” is off of a 2-LP promo set.

Emerge (Junkie XL Version)
Emerge (DFA Version)
Emerge (Naughty’s Chiefrocker Remix)
Emerge (Selway’s Memory Boy Superstarmix)
“You don’t need to emerge from nothing, you don’t need to tear away.” Okay, someone needs to explain to me what the hell that means. Don’t get me wrong, I love this damn song and it’s totally one of my biggest guilty pleasures of all-time, but does it mean anything? Did they just think it sounded like a cool thing to say? Because it’s not. Another question this song makes me ask; is the “hey hey hey” the same “hey hey hey” that’s in Prodigy’s “Firestarter” or is it just an amazing facsimile? These are the questions a music geek asks himself whilst sitting alone in his dark room rocking out to The KLF. I got these remixes off of a 2-LP remix set. When I picked it up at Jerry’s Records he looked it over with a quizzical look on his face before saying, “Well, I’m glad someone knows what the fuck this is.”

5 Responses to “This is my synagogue”

  1. beketaten says:

    Add that Fischerspooner thinger to the pantheon of pop lyrics that sound invigorating, but upon closer examination, troublingly make no sense. (ie. Enigma saying “The experience of survival is the key to the gravity of love”….uhm no?)

    Also: Did you ever see/her of that performance of “Emerge” where Casey Spooner totally went zebrashit crazy barking orders at the audience to sing along louder, with about three false starts, each with its own hissy-fit?
    Because if not, you should, though i just found out the site that used to host it,, is no longer with us.

  2. McCrank says:

    Regarding the Pumpkins songs — which one or two are the best mixes? I rather listen to the best one, rather then trying to rat horde the whole mess…

  3. The Jerk says:

    You are completely correct about the KLF, music geek comment. By the way, will we ever be treated to a KLF post? I’ve been saying for years that someone needs to make a really good KLF comp and post it somewhere, if not a pretty complete discography if possible. I’ve got tons of KLF shit but there is always so much more that I find every time I look around.

    Anyway, thanks for not mocking me. I should have read a little deeper for your e-mail address. Keep up the good work!

  4. Drain says:

    wow…great post with the pumpkins and fischerspooner mixes, but i believe i may have to correct on which batman soundtrack “the end is the beginning is the end” is on. it’s not on “batman forever” which only includes U2 track “hold me, kill me, kiss me, thrill me” as the lone great track on that soundtrack. the pumpkins track was on the “batman & robin” soundtrack, which had george clooney as batman (horrible movie). it’s an ok soundtrack as it has 4 tracks that pretty good. those 4 being…

    the smashing pumpkins “the end is the beginning is the end”

    the smashing pumpkins “the beginning is the end is the beginning” (slower more moody version of the previous track, definitely very good)

    underworld “moaner” (which is a great 10 minute track, rare for a soundtrack)

    moloko “fun for me”

    as for the rest of the soundtrack, i wouldn’t know as i haven’t bothered listening to it heh. also, i believe those “hey, hey, hey”‘s in “firestarter” are samples from an Art of Noise song called “close to the edit”. also, i don’t that’s a “hey hey hey” sample, i think it’s casey spooner although it does sound remarkable similar. while on the fischerspooner front, you should check out “megacolon” if you haven’t heard it yet.

  5. Cygnet Committee says:

    I agree with you on the 808 state mixes. It is a nice song, but it is not really the kind of material you want to have a 90’s beat added to… I had a wave of disapointment come over me when I first heard it too. It is a nice song in it’s original sound though.

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