Nothing Personal I Call Everyone That

So I need some help from my loyal fanbase once again. I’m working on assignment for my journalism class about digital music distribution and I need to talk to some of “the people”. If you bought Radiohead’s latest through their website I would like to talk to you briefly either over IM or email. Basically I need to know what you paid for it, what you thought of them releasing their album like they did and related shit. The story is not going to be printed in the college newspaper (trust me on that) but it will be online at the school’s website. So if anyone wants to help a poor college student with his stupid homework then email me (address is in the sidebar) and help a brother out. I can’t say I’ll hook anyone up with something special if they do agree to be interviewed but you never know how generous I might be.

Everything In It’s Right Place (Oakenfold Remix)
Speaking of Radiohead, here’s a remix of one of their songs by everyone’s favorite pretentious overrated DJ (oops, that’s Tiesto). For some reason an Oakenfold greatest hits and remixes compilation arrived in my mail this week (I love being on random press mailing lists) and it lists this remix as an “Exclusive New Oakenfold 2008 Remix” which is pretty astounding considering that it is still 2007. It’s the best remix on the album, but that’s not saying much. Also included on the comp his remixes of Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Symphony”, The Smashing Pumpkins “Perfect” and “Days Go By” by Dirty Vegas. They all suck compared to the originals and countless other remixes that those songs have. There’s also a remix of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force’s Planet Rock (which in itself is a remix of Kraftwerk’s “Trans-Europe Express) but it’s not properly credited as a remix of the Bambaataa track, instead its given the rather pretensious credit as a track “presented by Paul Oakenfold”. That’s a pretty bold statement considering Oakenfold was only 19 when this track was originally released.

John Cooper Clarke
Evidently Chickentown (Live)
I picked up the soundtrack to the upcoming Ian Curtis biopic Control this week and it’s a great collection for those into the 70s punk/post-punk scene. In addition to the obligatory Joy Division tunes it also includes favorites by Roxy Music, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. Also included are selections from the original score by New Order. I was most happy to find this 32 second rant by”punk-poet” John Cooper Clarke, as I’ve never found it on CD. I actually bought it for this one track, making it the most expense song in my collection.

Boredom (Live At The Roxy)
As a nice bonus though the soundtrack also includes this live version of this classic Buzzcocks song. I saw them live a few years back when they opened for Pearl Jam and they still sound this good. Amazing.

Grace Jones
She’s Lost Control (Long Version)
Oddly enough, the soundtrack to the movie Control doesn’t have the the song from which the title of the movie is derived, “She’s Lost Control”. Why? I have no damn clue. However, I am using that glaring omission to put up one of my favorite “what-the-fuck” covers in my collection, which is androgynous disco rocker Grace Jones covering the gothic post-punk classic. She can’t sing it , the rhythm is all off and it’s a fucking mess. I love it. She should totally cover “Dead Souls”. This version of the track is from a 12” single.

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  1. The Jerk says:

    I would love to participate in your questionaire but I can’t find your e-mail address. Can you post a link or something?

  2. armeur H says:

    grace jones is great. thanks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow that Radiohead remix sucks.

    If I wanted to listen to a gay version of ‘everything’ I’d take my ipod to a club in West Hollywood.

  4. Albo says:

    The Grace Jones is the weirdest cover I’ve heard for a long, long time.

    Well done!

  5. joshua says:

    there’s a minor amount more information on the main page of but I think that page lays out the bulk of the project concerning radiohead that I laid out surrounding the release of ‘in rainbows’

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