This Post Is The Previously Unreleased Remix Of Another Post

Off-topic tip for everyone out there: Don’t buy Monster’s new “Java Monster” energy drink unless you think gas station coffee has too much flavor to it and not enough B12. That stuff tastes like shit and made me piss for about 20 minutes (and I got no buzz off of it either). If you dig coffee and like energy drinks I highly recommend Shock Coffee, that shit makes me fly (and I’m a big dude).

This has been The Lost Turntable’s Consumer Report for June 25th, 2007. Now enjoy the (remixed) music.

Southside (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix)
Southside (Pete Heller Park Lane Vocal)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Timo Maas Vocal Remix)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Bob Sinclar Main Vocal Mix)
We Are All Made Of Stars (Downtempo Remix Edit)
Does anyone out there still like Moby? I was almost going to say “I do!”, but then I realized that even I thought his last album was a big steaming pile of donkey shit. I always give the little bald guy the benefit of the doubt though, I saw him live three times and each time he didn’t fail to deliver a high energy blast of bass-thumping dance music (with the occasional Ramones cover thrown in to spice things up). I also can’t hate on anyone that helped started a fued between Eminem and Triumph The Insult Dog Comic. I hope his next album is a good return to form. These remixes are off assorted 12” singles.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fight Life A Brave (Not Our Mix)
Fight Life A Brave (Mofo Mix)
Speaking of acts that used to be good…nah, I won’t bad mouth RHCP, I’m too tired to form a cohesive argument about their gradual selling out. I’ll just let these bitchin’ remixes off the first track from The Uplift Mofo Party (holy shit is that a great name for an album) speak for themselves. Listen to them and Dani California back-to-back and you tell me which is better.

Luscious Jackson
Nervous Breakthrough (Discoteque Electronique Remix)
Nervous Breakthrough (Buffalo Daughter’s Electric Dummy Mix)
Nervous Breakthrough (The Lush Mix)
Nervous Breakthrough (H2O Club Mix)
Nervous Breakthrough (Anxious Mix)
Nervous Breakthrough (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Okay, so that’s a lot of Luscious Jackson but hear me out. I wasn’t going to post all of these, I was only going to select the highlights and move on. However, since every single one of these remixes is excellent and entirely unique I just had no choice but to put them all up. I’m sure you understand. I got these off of 2 LP 12” promo . For some reason I own two Luscious Jackson 2 LP 12” promos (and two other 12” singles of their’s) but I don’t own any of their proper albums. My insatiable need for vinyl is creating some very odd paradoxes in my record collection that I must resolve.

6 Responses to “This Post Is The Previously Unreleased Remix Of Another Post”

  1. the beatmeister says:

    Hi! Have a been a frequent visitor of your blog and have already downloaded some tunes. Thanks. BTW, please visit mine too @ for some mixes, which I personally made.

    Cheers. 🙂

  2. Rich says:

    I snagged the last 3 Moby mixes.

  3. Res-5 says:

    I still like Moby, however it’s mostly due to the high quality remixers he always hires

  4. matt says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to download those fabulous Luscious Jackson Remixes you talk about in your review. Thank you. Matt

  5. matt says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to download those fabulous Luscious Jackson Remixes you talk about in your review. Thank you. Matt

  6. Omstart says:

    hi! please upload that luscious remixes man!

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