This Post Is A Remix Of Itself

I vow to clear out all my fucking remixes, because they’re half the backlog I got right now. Expect more from some Lost Turntable favorites (New Order, Depeche Mode, etc.,) in a few days.

The Smashing Pumpkins
Perfect (Perfecto Mix)
Perfect (Electro Breakbeat Mix)
I was a die-hard Pumpkins fan back in the day (the day being the mid-to-late 90s). I saw them live in Toledo in 1996 and they fucking blew my mind away. It seemed like they played forever and didn’t leave until everyone in the arena got off on their amazing performance. I still remember Billy’s insane solo during ‘Tales Of A Scorched Earth’. I declared them to be my favorite band of all-time and thought the good times would never end.

Of course they did, but before they called it quits I got to see their second-to-last show on November 29th, 2000 at the United Center in Chicago. They played for nearly three hours and by the end of the night some people were nearly in tears. Then they played on more show at The Metro (the recording of which still has not seen the light of day) and then they broke up. They went out with a bang, it was awesome.

Of course, now Billy says The Pumpkins have gotten back together. Of course, by “getting back together” I mean “bring back The Smashing Pumpkins name because his solo album bombed”. The new line-up is him and Jimmy with two other people who have nothing to do with the original band. That last concert I saw them at was a magical experience, and now it’s cheapened by this “reunion.” I remember Billy saying in interviews how The Pumpkins were over for good and that we shouldn’t ever expect a reunion tour – what happened Billy? I guess the bald little whore misses the spotlight.

Remember the better times with these remixes off of Adore (unless you hated that album like everyone else seemed to, then nevermind – If I had B-sides to Mellon Collie I’d post them but I don’t).

We Might As Well Be Strangers (DJ Shadow vs. Keane Remix)
The whole “vs” thing confuses the heck out of me. Did DJ Shadow meet Keane in a studio and fucking duel it out? Wouldn’t Keane win just by manpower? Unless Shadow uses vinyl like Shaun in Shaun Of The Dead or something….the mind boggles.

Basement Jaxx
Red Alert (Jaxx Club Mix)
Red Alert (Steve Gurley Mix)
My third favorite Basement Jaxx single (behind ‘Where’s Your Head At’ and ‘Romeo’). These were taken off of a 12” single.

Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (Dave Aude’ Extended Vocal)
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (Richard Vission Big Floor Funk Mix)
Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing) (Richard Vission Acidic Groove)
These remixes of a mediocre Sting song have are way better then they have any fucking right to be. If you only download one check out the ‘Acidic Groove’ one, because it really lives up to the the ‘groove’ in the title.

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  1. Drain says:

    i loved “adore”. of the released singles, “perfect” was my favorite. i can’t understand why everyone hated that album. it pretty much was the only direction the band could go in after the ’96 tragedy.

    the b-sides to mellon collie are pretty good, especially considering the fact that none of the singles have any remixes on them (if you exclude the 1979 mixes disc). one track of note to listen to is the 23:00 minute monster “Pastichio Medley” (26:00minutes on “aeroplane”). it’s pretty much snippets of a bunch of unreleased pumpkins demo’s except for 2 songs:

    “Rachel” ended up being worked into the song “x.y.u.” and “Disconnected” ended up becoming “the aeroplane flies high”. so that one is definitely a treasure as not many people can seem to make through the entire thing heh.

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