The Not-So-Mini British Post

Up today I got some B-sides by a bunch of Brits. The first few are by a guy with amazing hair, the middle tracks are from a supposedly overrated band I never heard of, and the last set are from a guy with amazingly awful hair.

Such A Little Thing Makes A Big Difference (Live)
Sweet And Tender Hooligan (Live)
Journalists Who Lie
Tony The Pony
I wish I would have had these tracks back when I was posting my big rant about the douchebags at the Morrissey concert, that sure would have been convenient. Anyways, these tracks are off of two 12” singles. The live songs are B-sides to ‘Interesting Drug’ and the other songs are the B-sides to ‘Our Frank.’ I think all of these are in that huge singles box set that Morrissey put out a few years back.

The Wonder Stuff
Unbearable (Live)
No For The 13th Time (Live)
Ten Trenches Deep (Live)
I had never heard of this band before last week, which is when I bought the 12” single I grabbed these tracks off of on a whim. I’m told by people on the internets that they have a very devoted and vocal following, but I guess I never ran into any of them. Anyways, these live tracks are on the B-side to ‘It’s Yer Money I’m After Baby’ (great name for a song).

Howard Jones
Like To Get To Know You Well (International Mix)
New Song (New Version)
Pearl In The Shell (Extended Mix)
What Is Love (Extended Mix)
Always Asking Questions
Total Conditioning
A few things random thoughts on Howard Jones. Firstly, no matter how many times I hear or say his name I want to call him “Howard Johnson”. (For my non-American readers Howard Johnson is a line of hotels here in the states.) If you ask someone if they “like that one Howard Johnson song” they give you a really weird look.

Secondly, I find it hysterical that he shares a name with the lead singer of Metalcore/crap outfit Killswitch Engage – there’s a joke there somewhere but it’s after 2AM and that part of my brain has shut down.

Thirdly, I cannot stand his two biggest hit singles. I really really really hate ‘No One Is To Blame’. It’s like the synthpop version of Bruce Hornsby’s ‘The Way It Is’. Please don’t ask for an extended mix of that because I will never own one. If I can ever find an extended mix of ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ I’ll pick it up, only because I really like the “Woah oh oh oh” part a lot and I’m assuming that would be exploited in a remix.

These remixes and rarities are from The 12” Album, an EP he released in 1984. Most of them are probably on CD somewhere if you really want to hunt them down. A quick sidenote: The only thing more ridiculous than calling a song ‘New Song’ is calling a remix of it ‘New Version.’ There some sort of brilliance in that laziness.

4 Responses to “The Not-So-Mini British Post”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just a note to let you know that I’m loving all this stuff. So many mixes I’ve never heard!

  2. Joe S. says:

    I would have said Howard Johnson is a former Mets third baseman and a baseball player that I despise…

  3. Hallway Of Memories says:

    I actually HAVE an extended THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER that I will send to you if you like

  4. Richard says:

    Ah Hallway. You beat me to the punch.

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