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Sorry about the long time between updates, I was trapped in Toledo for the weekend and didn’t have access to a computer that wasn’t butt. Bigger update coming tonight or tomorrow.

Every You Every Me (Brothers In Rhythm Glam Club Mix)
Every You Every Me (Sneaker Pimps Version)
Every You Every Me (Infected By The Scourge Of The Earth)
The dude from Placebo sounds like he is literally singing out of his nose. Yet he somehow pulls it off. That’s some skill. These remixes are off of a promo 12”.

Duran Duran
Too Much Information (12” Trance Mix)
Too Much Information (Deptford Dub)
Too Much Information (Club 2 Mix)
These remixes aren’t on that massive Singles Box Set they released a few years back which is kind of surprising. Only slightly more surprising is the fact that I know that because I own the previously-mentioned box set…shut up it was on clearance! These are also off of a promo single I picked up a few weeks back.

2 Responses to “The Mini British Post”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aw come on. We’re all adults now. You can admit to *liking* Duran Duran. Nobody is gonna come kick your ass or anything…lol…you like Duran Duran!! Nyah Nyah!!

    *sigh* Those guys never get the respect they deserve. =D

    Anyway, the Too much info 12” Trance and the Deptford dub are both on the single in the 86-96 singles box which you should definitely pick up (don’t wait until it’s on clearance ya pud! lol!! ;))

    The Club 2 mix, I have no idea where that’s from besides your promo single (which I hoped you picked up in a clearance sale to preserve your manhood) but, I have a better copy of it if you’re interested. Reply and I’ll be a good person and I’ll hook you up. 😉

  2. Paul F. says:

    I always felt this track had the old DD sound when it was released and felt it was the better of the album’s singles.

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