My 8 trillionth New Order Post.

The great remix purge of Summer 2007 continues! When I originally started this blog it was my intention to focus on B-sides and songs by bands that have tragically fallen under the radar (like Polyrock). I don’t know when The Lost Turntable became an “80s remix blog” but I find myself constantly defying or embracing that label. The past two weeks I’ve been doing both by posting as many remixes as possible so I can get them the hell out of the way. Don’t worry, there will always be plenty of remixes at The Lost Turntable, but I have a ton of other great stuff I’ve been holding that I’d much rather talk about (one can only rant and rave about 12” extended versions of Big Country songs so many times). I also imagine that as my collection of 12” singles of the bands I like becomes more and more complete that I’ll have to start posting about other stuff, simply because I won’t be buying them as much. That being said, here are a bunch of remixes by two bands I’ve already posted about countless times over and then some.

New Order
Spooky (Stadium Mix)
Spooky (Night Tripper Mix)
Spooky (New Order In Heaven)
Spooky (Magimix)
Spooky (Moulimix)
Spooky (Boo! Dub Mix)
I hope my local record store gets some more New Order soon, my collection of 12” singles is way too top-heavy with good-but-not-great latter-day material from the group. I need more ‘Blue Monday’ and less ‘Waiting For The Siren’s Call’.

Pet Shop Boys
I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore (The Young Collective Remix)
I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore (Felix Da Housecat’s Thee Drum Drum Mix Re-Edit)
I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore (Peter Rauhofer’s Roxy Anthem)
I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore (Peter Rauhofer’s Roxy Dub)
Psychological (Ewan Pearson Remix)
Psychological (Ewan Pearson Dub)
Minimal (Radioslave Remix)
I Must Be Obvious (UFO Mix)
Okay, a few things about these mixes. I have two 12” promo singles of ‘I Don’t Know…” one has a back label and one has a white one. I didn’t know what else to call them so the ID3 tags simply state ‘Black Label Promo’ and ‘White Label Promo’ even though I’m fairly certain the term ‘Black Label Promo’ doesn’t exist. The other remixes came from your standard promos and maxi-singles. The UFO Mix of ‘I Must Be Obvious’ is a little…um….sucky. It’s not really a song, it’s like Aphex Twin took the original and fucked with it for 20 minutes (and not in the typically awesome Aphex Twin kind of way).

4 Responses to “My 8 trillionth New Order Post.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Big Country 12”es rule big time! Especially when played out very loud:-)

    I’ve been busy posting loads of stuff on DJ Shooter’s 80’s forum,among them 12 Big Country 12” mixes…..(which you no doubt already have,haha!)

    Check it out….

    Fred (the REM guy)

  2. kingofbash says:

    I love you, but not in a gay way . . .

  3. kev says:

    ‘sup bro, I’ve only just stumbled on this site and have checked out some of your past posts. I know you hate requests ‘cos if you have it u will post it, but this is not exactly a request. 18 years ago, i bought new order’s 12″ of round and round – available to us south africans only on import thru one of our local record store franchises. as you are well aware, gold like that gets nicked in no time. I’ve tried in vain since then to replace it, and it seems my only choice is to travel overseas to purchase it if i still can. impractical and improbable. But you, mt new best friend, posted it on your blog in march. it’s no longer available to download, so please – i’m on my knees (not in a sexual way), just begging for you to post it again. thank you in advance

  4. Brian says:

    Great stuff, the UFO mix was performed by The KLF, the flip mix of So Hard is much better. My Favorite mix of the era would be Moby’s mix of Miserblism (genuis!).
    On the New Order, I am dying for an mp3 of Run 2.

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