You Stooped Me All Night Long.

I previously said I wasn’t going to do theme posts. Well, I lied. This post isn’t a themed one but the next couple…few…dozen will be simply because it’ll give me an excuse to clear out some crap that probably couldn’t stand on it’s own. Expect a lot of mid-90s techno this week. This post is kind of a warm-up for that.

Lords Of Acid
I Sit On Acid 2000 (Soulwax Remix)
Scrood Bi U (Hush Scroo All Ya’ll Mix)
These are the last two Lords Of Acid tracks I’ll be posting for a while, meaning that my mom will no longer have to worry about accidentally downloading something she’s not old enough to hear.

I Love Saturday (Beatmasters Dub Mix)
I Love Saturday (Beatmasters Club Mix)
I need to unload my Erasure, it’s gathering on my hard drive like some…big…gay…thing (I’m tired and out of similes. Expect an all-Erasure post in the near future.

Disappear (Extended 12” Mix)
Middle Beast
What You Need (Coldcut Force Mix)
My favorite INXS song hands down in ‘Disappear.’ In case anyone is wondering my second-favorite INXS song is ‘Need You Tonight/Mediate’ and my third is ‘Elegantly Wasted’ which is off of their criminally underlooked album of the same name. ‘Middle Beast’ is an instrumental track that happens to have a hilariously appropriate title considering the state of the world right now. The mix to ‘What You Need’ is the weakest of the three, with too many ‘ooh yeahs’ getting thrown in for no good reason. All of these are off of the 12” single for ‘Disappear.’

Lunatic Calm
Leave You Far Behind (Rollercoaster Mix)
Metropol (Lunatics Soundscape Mix)
Today marked the first time that I properly spelled Lunatic Calm on my first try. I always want to type their name out as ‘Lunatic Clam.’ And while I bet that is the name of some awesome porno movie about a bipolar hooker (or the worst nautical horror movie ever), it’s not the name of the band. I know nothing about these guys other than the fact that ‘Far Behind’ was on The Matrix Soundtrack. This remix of it is almost like a dub mix and I don’t think the “I want to leave you far behind” hook is ever mentioned. Both these remixes are off of some white-label promo that I bought for a buck at Half Price Books.

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  1. Paul says:

    I have been looking for this version of Leave You far Behind ever since I saw the Matrix back in the day. I am trying to find it online or eBay so I can buy it. Thank you!!!

    This is a great blog, btw. It’s a great resource for rare tracks. It’s also cool that you will take the tracks down if the artist’s or label’s object. Hopefully they will realize there is a demand for these tracks.

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