I Am Paris Hilton’s Cellmate.

Argh. I totally finished this post like night but got distracted by a shiny object or something because I never hit that little ‘Publish Post’ button. Expect another post in a couple of hours, which will be the one I was planning on doing tonight anyways.

Richard’s Hairpiece (Devil’s Haircut Remix by Aphex Twim)
Electric Music And The Summer People
I spend so much time digging through crates of records that I forget that I also have a substantial amount of CD singles. These two Beck rarities serve as an example of that. Both of these are from a maxi-single of ‘Devil’s Haircut.’ Aphex Twin’s remix is surprisingly normal for one of his, you can actually recognize the original song. I have some more rare Beck that I’ll get around to posting sometime.

I Love Saturday (JX Remix)
I Love Saturday (Flower Mix)
The new Erasure album is good, go buy it. These two remixes are off of a white label promo 12” single. Two more from this one next post.

Lords Of Acid
Pussy (Disco D’s Ultra Buff Luv Muff Mix)
Pussy (DJ Assault’s Hit It Hard Hit It Quick Mix)
Pussy (I Love Pussy Mix)
One of the stupidest songs ever written, oh I love it so. I have some sick fantasy of taking a girl home, getting her in the mood for loving and then right when we start to get it on have this track blare out of my stereo. I wonder if anyone’s actually ever fucked to ‘Pussy’? It’s probably a better song to strip to, I hope and pray that there is a strip club somewhere in the world that just has this song on constant repeat. This was one of those songs I was exposed to during the halcyon days of Napster and college dorm file sharing. T’was a glorious time, filled with mislabeled ID tags (what do you mean ‘Cats In The Cradle’ isn’t by Bob Dylan?) and hard drives filled with random tracks like this and the techno remix of the theme to Das Boot. Anyways, these remixes of this opus to…um…kitty cats, is off of a 12” single. I’ll post the B-sides next time.

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