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This hastily-written post with little text and mediocre songs was brought to you by insomnia! Insomnia: Disrupting sleeping habits and stunting creativity since the dawn of man!ℱ

True Love Wars (Omni Plus)
Stay With Me (Guitar Mix)
The last two tracks from the 12” single for ‘Stay With Me’. Only 20-30 more Erasure songs to go and I’ll have featured my entire collection. Oy.

Fleetwood Mac
Landslide (Remix)
Landslide (String Mix)
Landslide (Analog Mix)
I’m sure that the last time you heard ‘Landslide’ you thought “You know what, what this dark introspective song about a dissolving relationship is great, but what it really needs is an up-tempo backbeat and a string section!” I’m usually a big fan of remixes and re-interpretations of songs but ‘Landslide’ is a song that was perfect the way it was. These three remixes were taken off of a promo single that was released to promote Fleetwood Mac’s reunion album/concert The Dance. I’m posting them mostly for the sake of just posting them, they are kind of interesting to hear but really just want to make you listen to the original version. It’s not as bad as the remix to ‘Big Love’ though, eek.

4 Responses to “Title Goes Here”

  1. Frank says:

    Insomnia! ARgghh…I get visited by that fiend on a regular basis! 🙁

    Hey, thanks for the FleetMac stuff. I appreciate that! Any chance we might get a shot at that Big Love mix? =D

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gasp! Great stuff on your blog, but lets not count these! (nor the Howard the Duck post) Sorry!

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks much for all the tunze! any chance at getting, i know i know,men without hats “the same halo” been looking for it for years,unused track from pop goes the world, replaced by “lose my way” or any b-side lightning seeds? many thanks again! p-talla.

  4. malbam says:

    ya y el disco??

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