Just Say D’oh!

Freddie Gage – Drugs & Youth
Here’s my obligatory 4/20 post. This album is a recording from the early 70s featuring preacher Freddie Gage talking about how evil drugs are. Freddie Gage is kind of a mini-celebrity on the internet because of his unintentionally hilarious album All My Friends Are Dead. This record is a 30 minute speech he gave at a high school in Lafayette, Louisiana sometime in the early 70s. If you want to hear a preacher talk jive to a bunch of kids about straight squares dropping out and turning on to hippie life and getting high off goofballs, this is the record for you. Hear Freddie talk about his friends who turned to heroin and speed after a couple of joints, and how Diane Linkletter jumped out of a window and killed herself because the LSD she took made her think she could fly (not true – actually she killed herself while completely drug free) This is the kind of stuff you stoners should find fucking hilarious while you sit in your mom’s basement and play Dark Ages Of Camelot until 5:00 AM.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thanks! Read more about the stoner connection here: http://www.lysergia.com/LamaWorkshop/lamaColdSun.htm

    Again, thanks so much!

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