If I had some place to go I certainly wouldn’t be in ‘Cleve-Land’.

Sometimes I find a record that makes me happy record stores exist, tonight’s post features songs from that record.

Dobly’s Cube (With Cherry Bomb)
Howard The Duck (Megamix)
Howard The Duck (Album Mix)
Don’t Turn Away

When Howard The Duck crashed into theaters, it left behind it a critical trashing that could be compared to more recent bombs like Gigli and Battlefield Earth. Now, I’ve never seen Gigli, but I can safely say that Howard The Duck is a better film than Battlefield Earth. In fact, Howard The Duck probably wasn’t even the worst movie of 1986. Anyone ever seen Cobra or Soul Man? The movie “won” the award for Worst Picture at The Razzies, once again proving that The Razzies are nothing more but a venue for pathetic little wankers to get together and jerk each other off over the popular kids’ failures.

I loved this movie when I was a kid. I thought Howard was funny, Lea Thompson was cool and the Dark Overlords were creepy. When I got older I was a little scared to watch it again, worried that the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia had given me the impression I enjoyed it more than I actually did. I had already been burned by recent revisits to childhood favorites G.I. Joe: The Movie and any of the Police Academy movies. When I finally did see the movie again I was surprised that I still found it funny and immensely entertaining, and the special effects are still pretty incredible (they were done by ILM after all). And don’t forget that it had a great cast, which included Lea Thompson (with some seriously crimped-out hair), Tim Robbins and Jeffery Jones. Even if you thought the movie was a disaster you have to admit that it was an entertaining and well-financed disaster.

Strangely, the soundtrack of Howard The Duck was packed with some talented artists at the top of their game. Thomas Dolby wrote all of the original songs for the film, with assistance by Lord Funkenstein George Clinton. Joe Walsh of The Eagles plays guitar on the title track, and the harmonica on ‘Don’t Turn Away’ was performed by Stevie Wonder. The three tracks I’m offering tonight were all taken off of the 12” single for the theme song. The ‘Mega Mix’ of the theme song was only released on this 12”, while the other two tracks were available on the film’s soundtrack also. None of them are on CD. I think Lea Thompson (and her hair) sings on all three of these, but I could be wrong. If you want more info on Howard The Duck check out this great site.

Helmet & House Of Pain
Just Another Victim (T-Ray Devil Worship Mix)
Just Another Victim (T-Ray Dead And Stinking Mix)
Just Another Victim (T-Ray Heavy Metal Jazz Mix)
These tracks are remixes of a song from the soundtrack to Judgment Night. Now that movie sucked, but it’s rap/metal collaboration-filled soundtrack wasn’t half bad.

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