Fluffy Bunnies and Lollipops

I’ve recorded a buttload of music this week. I’ve had a lot of time to catch up on my vinyl pile because I haven’t turned on the TV in two days – I’m sick of the exploitive non-stop coverage. If I ever see Dr. Fuck Phil in person I’m going to beat the shit out of this tragedy-capitalizing ass. What a bald-headed prick. Times like this make me depressed that I’m a Journalism student.

The Housemartins
Caravan Of Love
When I First Met Jesus
These guys were fairly popular in England but most of America never heard of them, and if they have it’s probably because their bass player was Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim. These two tracks don’t feature any of Cook’s bass playing, as they are both acapella. ‘Caravan Of Love’ was a hit single in the UK and it’s on The Housemartins’ greatest hits comp Now That’s What I Call Quite Good. ‘When I First Met Jesus’ was the B-side and isn’t as easy to find. It’s also the only Christian rock/acapella single I ever plan on owning.

Entertain Me (The Live It! Remix)
Yay Blur! This vinyl is awesome. It’s only one track so the B-side has ‘Blur’ etched into it like someone went at it with a set of car keys. I’d scan it but black scratches on a black surface don’t really show up well on a scan. This remix is on a couple singles and the band’s massive anniversary box set. I was thinking about tracking down that set but it has 125 tracks on it and that’s a hell of a lot of Blur.

The One I Love (Live)
Maps & Legends (Live)
Live tracks from the 12” single for ‘The One I Love.’ I’m depressed enough as it is so I’m just going to move on to slightly more upbeat fare.

Tomorrow’s Just Another Day (Warped 12” Version)
Tomorrow’s Just Another Day (With Elvis Costello)
Blue Skinned Beast (Warp Mix)
Yesterday’s Men (12” Version)
Yesterday’s Men (Demo)
All I Knew
If I smoked pot I’d totally play ‘Yesterday’s Men’ whilst toasted. These are all taken from different Madness singles, check out the files for the specifics. Some of them are available on box sets and stuff, but none of these tracks were ever on proper albums as far as I can tell. The demo version of ‘Yesterday’s Men’ is really cool, it sounds like it was recorded in a basement on someone’s Casio.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Bunnies and Lollipops”

  1. Koop says:

    Hey Turntable Guy,
    you wouldn’t happen to have Walking With Mr. Wheeze, the b-side to the Our House 45’er? A nice instrumental, I have it on vinyl but not in any digital form….

    thanks for this Madness post (and, again, for the Ian Dury stuff).

  2. randy says:

    Thanks for the Housemartins post. You’re right, the b-side is extremely hard-to-find. You rock!

  3. TOM (PL) says:

    Thanks for REM stuff. I’ve never heard it before…

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