But OMG The Magic Cards!!!

April has struck in full effect. Sigh.

Make Me Bad (Kornography Mix)
Make Me Bad (Kornography Instrumental)
Make Me Bad (Sickness In Salvation Mix)
Make Me Bad (Sickness In Salvation Instrumental)
Make Me Bad (Sybil Mix)
Let’s get all junior high pissed! Korn’s been a guilty pleasure of mine on and off since their first album came out way back when. I still think their first two records are great and if you’re going to be a misanthropic 13-year-old boy then they are required listening material. They lost me after Life Is Peachy though, although I still like the occasional single. ‘Make Me Bad’ is probably my favorite post-Peachy song by them, and if I’m ever in a fuck-the-world mood I usually put it on. And considering how things have been going recently, these tracks are getting a lot of play on my iPod. These remixes came off a promo single.

Naive (The TKK Remix)
It does not stand of “Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode.” That’s about all I know about them though. Wasn’t there a shitty computer game in the late 90s that used a lot of KMFDM iconography? I can’t recall the name of it, although I do seem to remember it really sucking. I do know that the original version of Naive is really hard to find, and that makes me want it – I’m pathetic like that. This remix of ‘Naive’ is off of a split EP they did with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, the second half of which is posted below!

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
The Days Of Swine & Roses (KMFDM Remix)
A band that’s right up there with Echo & The Bunnymen as one of the best band names ever and another band I’ve never really been that into. I’m starting to dig industrial disco trash rock though, so I might start picking up some of their stuff.

Living On Video (Remix)
I never heard this song before last week and since then I have become unhealthily obsessed with it. This track has to have one of the best synth lines off all time!! If you do a search for this baby on iTunes you get about five million different remixes and covers of it, but none of them seem to be this one which I took off of a Golden Dance-Floor Hits single.

3 Responses to “But OMG The Magic Cards!!!”

  1. Drain says:

    it’s not pathetic to want the original version of “Naive” just to have the song “Liebeslied” with the unauthorized Carmina Burana samples…i completely want it just for that track. the closest you can get to the original is the recent reissue, which combines the original with the “naive/hell to go” version into 1 disc…minus the sample of course.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, KMFDM means “Keine Mehrheit Für Die Minderheit”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    was the game you were after KKnD kill krush n’ destroy

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