And So It Goes.

I know I promised that I’d post less zip files, but I also promised that I’d stop drinking pop and run a mile a day. Shit happens.

Music From Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five
Wow, I’m all topical and shit. I’ve actually never seen this movie or read the book. Shaddup, I know it’s like, fucking awesome and stuff, I’m a busy motherfucker so lay off. This soundtrack is almost entirely Glenn Gould playing Bach. Excellent stuff that could probably move even the most ardent hater of classical music (like me).

Rick Wakeman’s Music from The Burning
So The Burning is some mediocre 80s slasher flick. I don’t know how Rick Wakeman was conned into working on this baby. What’s even stranger about it is that the first side is his “variations” on the music from the film, while the B-side is the actual score. I only have the first side here, mainly because the second side was fucked up and scratched to all hell. The killer of The Burning was a disfigured landscaper whose weapon of choice was a large pair of garden shears. I can only assume this is the explanation for the title of track 4, “Shear Terror.” That pun hurts almost as much as a pair of gardening shears to the gonads. A little more interesting trivia on The Burning, it was produced by Harvey Weinstein, and co-written by his brother Bob. Of course these are the two evil bastards that would later form Miramax some years later. The movie also features Jason Alexander’s naked butt. You can read more about the flick here. If you like Wakeman you should dig this stuff.

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    it’s not a hard book to read and it explains everything about the universe so G0- READ- NOW!

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    Have I said thank-you lately?
    Thank You!

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