Meet me at the waterfront after the social…

Got some interesting stuff coming in the next week or so, but I wanted to post some punk/experimental stuff that I’ve been putting off for a while now. If you’re looking for some B-sides and dance mixes come back next time, this stuff really isn’t for you

The Residents
I Left My Heart In San Fransisco
Dumbo The Clown (Who Loved Christmas)
Is He Really Bringing Roses
Time’s Up
These fuckers scare me and always have. This is a band who released an album called Baby Sex and featured said act on the cover. These are the guys who walk around with giant eyeballs on their head, these guys are creepy motherfuckers. And I don’t think I will ever get their music. Somewhere a serial killer is plotting his next murder while listening to ‘Is He Really Bringing Roses’ again and again.

I Left My Heart In San Fransisco
Everything You Want
Waterfront Seat
The final band from the Subterranean Modern compilation. I have no idea what the fuck is going on here. I like ‘Waterfront Seat’, it has a cool ambient-noise feel to it. For me the other tracks are just way too annoying and bizarre – and my idea of soothing music is Negativland.

Regressive AidEffects On Exposed People
Post-punk acid-jazz progressive rock jam music. I think that’s the only way I can describe Regressive Aid. This threesome featured guitarist William Tucker, who would go on to work with artists like KMFDM and Ministry. The other two members of the group did stuff with Rollins and various other 80s/90s alternative bands, such as Butthole Surfers and Ween. I guess this album is pretty hard to find and in high demand among those who want it, so I decided to put up the whole thing as a zip file. I’m trying to cut down on the amount of complete albums I put up, but I figured that if you want one track off of this one you probably want them all. I’m kind of digging this, especially ‘Worromot’.

3 Responses to “Meet me at the waterfront after the social…”

  1. armeur H says:

    Thank you for all your posts ! I really appreciate the Residents stuff. And I am waiting for you at the next corner… 😉

  2. Jamey says:

    Yeah! Thanks for the Tuxedomoon tracks, especially ‘Everything You Want’ It’s one of my fave alt tracks!!! I used to do a radio show in college with now famous Boston DJ, Carter Allen, called ‘Phantasmagoria’ where we played a lot of prog, Kraut rock, ‘space’ rock and other assorted avant guarde music. (And this was ‘back in the day’ as in 74-78!) This trak brought back some great memories!

    I havre very diverse music tastes and really love ALL your selections. Keep up the excellent work and the entertaining writing. Yours is one of my favorite blogs!!!!!!

  3. Eddie (Israel) says:

    Great blog but it seems that you have a lot of catch to do in order to understand why nothing today is new. Tuxedo Moon is a very influential band on the European scene of Post-punk and later on – Dance. Start with their most famous genius song “In a manner of speaking” (covered also by Martin L. Gore from DM) and move to another classic “The Stranger” or “The Cage”.

    Talk Talk are brilliant also. “Life is what you make it” is my fav (I like the Divine Comedy cover also)

    Keep up the good work and reseach. The best is still hidden. One advice, a rare collections from Germany called “Call of the Banshee” and “Night of the Banshee” will give you some good leads.

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