The The Impossible To Google Post

So yeah, my last post was a little…um…vitriolic in nature. Sorry about that, family gatherings and Ohio bring it out in me. I’ve since calmed down and am not really in a punk rock/experimental mood, so I’ll post the rest of that San Fran comp next time. Tonight I have for you a collection of bands you can’t find on Google. Of course, if you found this post by searching for these bands on Google then I’m wrong. But whatever, just be happy I’m whining about my comments tonight!

The The
Soup Of Mixed Emotions
Fruit Of The Heart
I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All My Life!!) Special Mix
I had no idea that ‘This Is The Day’ was by The The until I picked up Soul Mining last week. I was also that The The was like NIN in that it’s really just one dude, Matt Johnson. I was equally unaware that throughout The The’s existence Matt Johnson’s recruited Jools Holland and Johnny Marr to contribute to various albums.

Wow. I don’t know shit.

The first three tracks were originally on a bonus EP that came with the first print editions of Soul Mining. Ironically, the remix of ‘I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow’ was the B-side to ‘This Is The Day’ – so I guess it wasn’t really the day. I think ‘Perfect’ is on the CD release of Soul Mining, but the rest remain pretty hard to find. At least I think that’s the case, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t know shit about this band.

Talk Talk
Why Is It So Hard? (12” U.S. Remix Extended Version)
Talk Talk (12” Mix Extended Version)
My Foolish Friend (12” Mix Extended Version)
It’s My Life (12” Mix Extended Version)
Dum Dum Girl (12” Remix Extended Version)
Such A Shame (12” U.S. Remix Extended Version)
I know very little about this band too, so anything I say here would just be stuff I read from Wikipedia. Anyways, these tracks are all off of a weird EP that was only released in Canada and Italy (odd combo). The remix of ‘It’s My Life’ is really just a glorified dub mix, but the rest are great. Actually Talk Talk aren’t that hard to Google, but I needed a third band for this post and I don’t have any !!! songs.

X (Australian Band)
Fuckin’ Rockin’
That’s Not Nice
X, the L.A. punk-rock revolutionaries are hard enough to find online, so imagine how hard it is to get any information on this Aussie punk rock group of the same name? In fact, I bought this live LP by accident because I thought it was that other X. Thankfully, it was pretty good. I know next-to-nothing about these guys too, but I bet you don’t know much about them either, so I don’t feel so bad about it.

7 Responses to “The The Impossible To Google Post”

  1. RSL says:

    I know they’re out of the time era you’re blogging but you can add +/- [the preferred spelling of Plus/Minus] and Broadcast to that list. Heh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For a little info on this band and past members, you can find mentions on this site

    Choose “unnofficial history” – at least one member of Rose Tattoo was in X back in the day.

    Hope that helps or at least gives you a direction to head in, when searching for X info.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Regarding that Geocities site, there is more info on X in the “discography” section – see the buttons menu on the left of the page… lists several albums and tracklists.

  4. Anonymous says:

    All of the The The stuff has been repackaged and is available on CD online from Amazon and the like. Matt Johnson has to be one of the best songwriters of the 80’s/90’s. Their songs pull you in. I can listen to The The all day.

  5. Steve Marine says:

    TALK TALK is one of my all-time favorite bands. Thanks for posting those tracks!!! Is there any way you can post the cover picture of this funky Canada/Italy-only EP?

  6. Classic says:

    _Except for the first song, I think all of the Talk Talk extended versions were also available on the double CD, Asides Bsides, from EMI Records Ltd in 1998. Included was a booklet with 14 pages of photos and images.

  7. Jamey says:

    Actually, the version here of ‘It’s My Life’ is different from the one on the A Sides Besides CD. I just checked before d-loading it as I have that version as well as the Hot Tracks remix and it’s quite different! This one is ‘thinner’ in overall sound and has the acoustic guitar in the intro, that’s not on the versions I have.

    Thanks for another great post! I also appreciated and chuckled at the Ohio reference as I too am a former ‘Buckeye’, east side of Cleveland!!!

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