I Can’t Stop Sighing…

Everyone have a great holiday? I did until my monitor broke and I fried my external hard drive by hooking up the wrong power supply to it (all in the same fucking day.) Now I have to re-rip my entire CD collection, all 100GBs of it. Sigh. I also have to re-record god knows how many LPs that weren’t backed up on my computer. Meh, my collection was too bloated anyways. I’m just pissed this whole thing started cuz I lost the fucking cable to my hard drive (which I still cannot fucking find.)

Let me drown my sorrows in music:

Mindless Self-Indulgence
My World
Pre-Teen Violence
Frying Pan
Born To Be Beheaded
I fucking hate store exclusives and I fucking hate Hot Topic, so when MSI announced they were releasing a Hot Topic exclusive EP my head damn near imploded. Well, here are all the new tracks from that EP (you’re better off without the remixes of ‘What Do They Know?’

Scissor Sisters
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Erol Alkan’s Carnival of Light Rework)
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Line Loves Vocal Edit)
Fuck it, I’m feeling especially vindictive against over-priced national chain stores. These tracks are from a Best Buy exclusive CD that you got if you bought the CD from them. Or you can support your local CD store and just download the bonus songs here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Most external drives are just a regular 3.5″ or 5.25″ drive in an enclosure. Try taking it apart, and put the drive in a new housing? Maybe 30 bucks at compusa.

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