Alan Moore Knows The Score

Lesson learned from New Year’s Eve: When someone offers you homemade moonshine and says “don’t worry, it’s not that strong” they are lying to you.

Pop Will Eat Itself
Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12” House Mix)
Can U Dig It? (Justin Strauss 12” Vocal Mix)
Let me tell you why PWEI should be considered geek icons. First off, This PWEI song features some radical samples from The Warriors – one of the best cult flicks ever. Secondly, this song also references geek icons such as Optimus Prime and Alan Moore (and it even cites V For Vendetta) Thirdly, their music has been featured in a few videos games, most notable the fun PS1 game Loaded, a crazy little top-down shooter that 12-year-boys should love. And finally, after PWEI broke up leader singer Clint Marhsall went on to score several films, including Requiem For A Dream – the music to which was used in the trailer to Lord Of The Rings: Two Towers. Geekgasm!

The Cult
She Sells Sanctuary (Howling Mix)
She Sells Sanctuary (12” Mix)
Okay, the ‘Howling Mix’ of this song is just retarded, it sounds like someone just decided to randomly insert wolf howls into the song as part of Ian Astbury’s continuing effort to embrace every iconic Native American symbol. Casual fans of The Cult may want to skip it. The 12” Mix on the other hand is a must-have for everyone.

Big Country
One Great Thing (Big Baad Country Mix)
Look Away (Outlaw Mix)
Song Of The South (7” Version)
The misspelling of ‘baad’ is on purpose, that’s how they have it on the label. I previously posted an extended remix of a Big Country song on here before. These remixes aren’t as good as that one, but are still must-haves. And for the record, ‘Song Of The South’ has nothing to do with the racist Disney film of the same name.

Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning (Kintore East Mix)
Beds Are Burning (Yuendumu Percappella Mix)
The Dead Heart (Long Version)
I posted a remix of ‘Beds Are Burning’ before and while that one wasn’t all that, these two certainly are. The Kintore East Mix is a nice extended take, while the Yuendumu version is a drastic reworking of the song that is nearly acapella. The Long Version of ‘The Dead Heart’ is excellent as well.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Upon This Tidal Wave Of Youngblood (BBC Music Gideon Coe Session)
Nice version of an awfully-named song by an poorly-named group from NYC. This is the B-side to one of the their singles.

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