I’m Dreaming Of A Jack White Chirstmas

I promised something special to make up for the fact I won’t be able to post for the entire week and here it is…my collection of White Stripes B-Sides. I became a fan of The White Stripes about five seconds after I first saw the video for ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ and have been ever since. I’ve seen them live four times and each time they blew my fucking mind apart. I’ve been collecting their singles since before I had a record player and when I got my external soundcard for my computer the first records I recorded were my White Stripes singles. While I don’t claim to have every 45 The White Stripes have released, I have a lot of them. Here are all the Non-LP cuts from every White Stripes single I have.

Good To Me
This tune was written by Brendan Benson and was the B-side to ‘7 Nation Army.’

Lord, Send Me An Angel
You’re Pretty Good Looking (Trendy American Remix)
If you’ve seen them live before then you’ve probably heard this take on this classic blues tune by Blind Willie McTell, it’s the one where he talks about how all the girls in Detroit that wanna do him. This is the A-side to a self-titled 45 they released in 2000. The B-side is a silly remix but fun nonetheless.

Stop Breaking Down (Live At The BBC)
One of many live BBC records the band has released over the years. This is the B-side to ‘Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.’

Hotel Yorba (Live At Hotel Yorba)
Rated X (Live At Hotel Yorba)
Two of my favorite live recordings by Jack and Meg, these were recorded in room number 286 at the actual Hotel Yorba. Rated X is a Loretta Lynn song and from what I’ve heard this recording of the song led to her and Jack meeting and the eventual recording her great album ‘Van Lear Rose.’

Who’s To Say…
This is a song by a band called Blanche, it’s the B-side to ‘I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.’

Do (Live)
This was the B-side to their live version of ‘Jolene.’ It also appears on their live DVD, Under The Blackpool Lights.

Candy Cane Children
Story Of Magi And Silent Night
These two tracks are off of a holiday single the band released called Merry Christmas From…The White Stripes. ‘Candy Cane Children’ is a bluesy track typical of many Jack White songs, while the ‘Story Of Magi/Silent Night’ is an odd and very stilted reading of a bible verse followed by a butchered take of the classic Christmas tune.

Same Boy You’ve Always Known (Live)
This B-side to ‘My Doorbell’ was recorded on June 1st 2005 in Manaus, Brazil.

Walking With A Ghost
This isn’t from a 45, it’s from a promo single I picked up a few months ago. It’s a great cover of an equally awesome song by Tegan And Sara.

Red Bowling Ball Ruth
This the B-side to ‘The Big Three Killed My Baby’ and is somehow weirder and even more confusing than that song.

Shelter Of Your Arms
This is a cover of a Greenhornes song and is the B-side to ‘The Denial Twist.’ For those keeping score at home, The Greenhornes is the band Patrick Keeler’s in when he’s not in The Raconteurs.

The Denial Twist (Live)
As Ugly As I Seem (live)
These two live recordings are from the single for ‘The Denial Twist.’ The first was recorded on August 13th, 2005 for 89.9 KCRW in LA, and the second was for Nic Harcourt’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and was recorded on September 5th of the same year.

St. Ides Of March (Live)
A great bluesy song (with an AMAZING name) that was originally recorded by The Soledad Brothers, a band from my hometown of Toledo, Ohio!

I Fought Piranhas/Lets Build A Home (Live At Electric Lady Studios)
This one starts slow and then explodes into an orgy of Jack White jamness. It’s the B-side to ‘There’s No Home For You Here.’

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
Another track from the radio. This one was originally recorded for Radio 1 and is the B-side to ‘Fell In Love With A Girl.’

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  1. aikin says:

    awesome, awesome post. I, too, am a HUGE fan of Jack White and the White Stripes. I obviously need to find a better record store, as I never seem to find these singles.

  2. JXK says:

    Wow – what a fantastic Christmas gift. A really interesting collection – thank you.

  3. imematt says:

    Well, thank you ever so very much! Them were the tonics’ needed!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jack Lawrence is also in The Greenhornes and The Raconteurs.

  6. evelyn says:

    do you have any mixes of a live version of the raconteurs, steady as she goes? thanks , a devoted fan to yr site

    ps had to request in the comment section hope you don’t get mad

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