Dance If You Want To

All 80s tonight. More soundtracks later.

If You Leave (Extended Mix)
La Femme Accident (Remixed Version)
I still think that these guys should have sued 90s one-hit-wonder OMC for defamation of character. Not fair that they are forever side-by-side in CD racks at Best Buys worldwide.

Men Without Hats
Pop Goes The World (Dance Mix)
Pop Goes The World (Dub Mix)
Whenever I would talk about one-hit-wonders with this girlfriend I had and I mentioned Men Without Hats and she god all mad, yelling “They had two hits!!! ‘Pop Goes The World!’ Hello?!?!?” That must have been the reason why we broke up. She was right though, this song does totally kick ass. These mixes are off of a promo single.

Love & Rockets
Ball Of Confusion (USA Mix)
Ball Of Confusion (12” Mix)
Ball Of Confusion (7” Mix)
I totally thought this was Duran Duran until about 1998. Oh well. These are also from a promo single.

2 Responses to “Dance If You Want To”

  1. girlacrossthesea says:

    Thank you and thank you!! Holy dynomite batman *teehee* are you ever bringing back memories. I love these guys!! They played a gig here and then after it was over went to one of the busy clubs back then and we got another more up close and personal concert from them. They were just like regular people…moving and talking among the people in the bar it was soooooooo cool. Thanks for the songs

  2. Jill says:

    I still love “Pop Goes the World”! I remember being in 6th grade or so and requesting it, but the stupid DJ didn’t know what I was talking about.
    P.S. Thanks for the mention 😉

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